A five-year career goal plan

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I work for AAFES it is a subcontractor for the government. In this company the main store is called the” PX “in the civilian world it would be like a Wal-Mart. There are other stores that are included like gas stations and fast food restaurants such as Burger King, Taco John’s, McDonald’s etc. AAFES are located on military bases around the world. We serve for the men and women in the military “wherever they go we go” we provide services from the basic necessities to high-end products.

My duty as an area manager is to make sure to take care of the customer service and the complaints also to make sure all training is done by all employees as needed. Was a manager I find ways to improve the sales floor with new fresh idea to meet sales goals. I also make sure all the accounting is correct and accurate such as items that need to be counted twice a day such as laptop iPad high-end Jewelry and items worth more than $1000. I am responsible to make sure that this is correct at all times. I have to make sure to look at all the receipts making sure that the item is received properly.

When I complete my bachelors in business and human resource I would like to be in a retail environment. I’ve been with this company about 9 years I feel I have experience and not the education and that’s why I’m back in college so I will not get turned down a position because of the lack of education. I believe I could be selected for a store manager position because the education and experience and the classes that I have taken to become a manager. I will need to focus on improving my performance at work. The more I learn about what is needed to become a store manager the easier it will become when I’ve met my goal.

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Within the 3 years of my retail profession I will have my Masters in business and human resource that will give me a higher level of education. I will have more training and more experience for the job of being a training facility manager. I have had 2 manager position in aafes I have been in the position as a Burger King manager and a Retail Manager. I believe with my experience and education I will be more than qualified for the next positions. Within the 5 years of my retail profession I would like to become a retail HR anager I will have my Masters by then I’ll have experience being a store manager and food manager also being a training facility manager and that would be my dream job and I would stick with that until I retire. I would be more knowledgeable of the different job titles. I would have more experience on what you can do in the company and what you can’t do in the company. I would have the experience to make sure the employees complaints are taken care of and be more knowledgeable within the company so I could be successful of helping the employees on different levels.

The career path that I have chosen will benefit my family. They always say “hard work pays off “(Evans, Stephanie) and I believe that I would have to sacrifice my weekends and holidays with my family for upcoming years for the job of my dreams. I would love to have a 9-to-5 job with weekends and holidays off but I believe that is a small price to pay for 2 years versus 18 years of the job of your dreams. Knowledge is power in my eyes. (Stephanie Evans) I feel that if I have the education and experiences that I will be successful in meeting goals. I am dedicated I’m a hard worker I’m reliable and trustworthy.

Most of my colleagues come to me because I will share the information that will help them be successful in this company as well. I believe in this company because my dad served in the Army and my husband is in the currently in the Army. I always wanted to join the Army but I couldn’t because I am physically handicapped and this is one way I can serve my country by putting a smile on the faces of the men and women that serve our country, putting their life on the line for our freedom. And all I want to do is to make sure they have great customer service and will have great experience when they shop at AAFES.


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