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Career Plan building Activity

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My work culture results showed that I am well resourced, high powered, and teamwork centered. I noticed that these results were parallel with my interest profiler and competencies results. I was shocked by being considered as high powered. I have never really been a person who wants a lot of responsibility. I have been a lead person on a past Job experience. I had the opportunity to be the supervisor but I didn't apply for it due to fear of failure.

I do on the other hand agree with the fact of high salaries, career advancement, and career development. It was revealed to me that some of my better strengths are adhering to values and coping with pressure. It was not hard for me to believe the part about adhering to my values. That is something I do believe in along with ethics. But I didn't think that coping with pressure would come out as a strength. I guess coping with pressure became a strength for me because I try my hardest to let something's go and not let people now that it may have bothered me.

Within the teamwork centered portion of the work culture results, It showed that I work in a close knit team, have lots of Interdependence, and that I am friendly and supportive of colleagues. I agree with this whole heartedly. I try to be an overall helpful person. Anyone who knows me knows that I am all for the team, if there Is positivist involved. Within the well-resourced section it stated that I like safe places to work, well-designed and comfortable places to work.

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As for the career plan I was able to see different positions that may suite me according to the results. Some of the careers I never would imagine doing then on the other hand there are some that I would do. These things include being a lawyer, Judge, librarian, curator, archivists, material recording, and scheduling, dispatching and distributing workers. Now some of these careers I did all In one Job title when I was a Lead Phlebotomy's at a hospital I once worked at.

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