Career Goals and Learning Plan Paper

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Career Goals and Learning Plan Paper I am a Grad student at the University of Pheonix pursuing a Masters Degree in Psychology. I have selected this particular field of study because I intend to become a Forensic Psychologist. Forensic Psychology involves applying psychology to the filed of criminal investigation and the law. I have an undergraduate degree from North Carolina State University and my major was Political Science and Philosophy. I worked as a Legal Assistant in a Law Firm for 8 years and obtained my Paralegal Certificate from Blackstone University in Dallas, Texas.

I have spent many long hours in courtrooms and find it fascinating. I have interest in the criminal mind, as well as the rehabilitation of criminals. What is Forensic Psychology Forensic Psychologists examine methods, theories and processes within the criminal, legal and civil justice systems, and also look at and apply psychological theory to a crime or criminal investigation as well as look at criminal behavior. They look at the psychological problems associated with that and fair treatment of criminals including rehabilitation.

Specifically they look at the assessment and treatment of offenders. One particular area that interests me focuses around risk assessment with offenders and making decisions as to whether or not they are suitable for re-integration. Career Goals My goals are ambitious, and study at the University of Pheonix will propel me towards achieving them. Goal setting is an important part of the career planning process. At this point I will start with dedicating myself to doing well in my current classes.

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Procrastination is a problem for me and I have to deal with it. I have a full time job and a two year old baby so it is important for me to use my time wisely. I plan to spend 1 – 11/2 hours per day reading and being active in the discussion portion of my class. “Get Time On Your Side” by Jennifer Nichols was helpful to me. Several points which I intend to follow include; writing stuff down, tuning out distractions, talking to my professor, and making good use of my daytime hours. Nichols) Dr. Ferrari, Professor of Psychology at DePaul University indicates that “academic procrastinators tend to lack self-confidence…lie low during group assignments. ” (Hoover 2) I was delighted to find that he even has an online discussion group which centers on chronic procrastination! Furthermore, I must deal with stress in an effectual manner. Being a graduate student will demand a commitment, but out of the stress-filled times I am hoping will come tremendous personal growth.

I alleviate my stress with exercise and try to get at least 30 minutes of strenuous workout per day. The degree that I am working on will help me to achieve my goals. First, the counselor that I am working with has been extraordinary and is available to me most hours during the day. He has directed me to becoming acclimated to the online learning system. Second, my advisor has put together my schedule which consists of 39 credits and all classes that will be informative and beneficial to becoming a Forensic Psychologist.

Occupational Outlook Handbook According to the Bureau and Labor and Statistics Occupational Handbook, Forensic Psychologists use psychological principles in the legal and criminal justice fields. Significant points include: “34% of psychologists are self-employed, mainly as private practitioners and independent consultants. ” Furthermore “job opportunities should be the best for those with a doctoral degree in a subfield such as health…those with a bachelor’s degree will have limited prospects. ” This information did not surprise me.

It is a very a very competitive field which sort of excites me. A positive point is that employment is expected to grow 12% from 2008 to 2018 because of increased demand for psychological services in schools, hospitals, social service agencies, mental health centers, substance abuse treatment clinics, consulting firms and private companies. I have a second interest with respect to my future career path and that would be to work in a substance abuse treatment center. Since I have not studied many psychology classes I am going to wait to make my decision.

Multiple Pathways to Learning Test I completed the Multiple Pathways to Learning test in Chapter 2 of Keys for College Studying. The test aims to help me to identify a learning style so that I may choose study strategies and pursue learning goals. The assessment helps determine the levels to which ones eight intelligences are developed. (Center, Bishops, Kravitz) Howard Gardner is the one who developed the test and he believes “that the way you learn is a unique blend of intelligences resulting from your distinctive abilities, challenges, experiences and training. (Center, Bishops, Kravitz) The results indicate that I have highly developed verbal-linguistic, musical, interpersonal, and logical-mathematical intelligence. In sum I communicate well, have music sensitivity, communicate with others well and understand logical reasoning. This indicates to me that I will work well in groups, and maybe would do well studying with music. I especially like Classical music. The Personality Spectrum Assessment Personality assessments help you to understand how you respond to the world around you; which includes information, thoughts, feelings, people, and events.

The Personality Spectrum Assessment adapts and simplifies this material into four personality types; Thinker, Organizer, Giver and Adventurer and was developed by Joyce Bishop. (Keys for College Studying). The results of my test indicate that I am inclined to be a ,“Giver. ” Giver traits include honesty, authenticity, successful close relationships, and others, but more important; I am inclined to so well if I study with others, teach material to others, seek out tasks, groups, and subjects that involve helping people and put energy into my most important relationships.

I find the handbook to be very informative. I will follow advice from the author(s) with respect to playing to my strengths. Even though I will be studying and reading alone in my classes at the University, we will have Learning Teams which will work nicely with my “Giver” personality. I am very eager to begin Psychology Courses at the University of Pheonix. I am going to have to be focused and dedicated to my studies and schoolwork. In the long run I hope that this determination will give me the ability to find a position or career and work environment that suits me.

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