Comparing Fast Food Giants Burger King and McDonald’s

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Burger King Versus McDonald’s Fast Food Franchises have raised many questions or debates that have arisen because of obesity issues and health concerns in our society to this day. This has led me to compare Burger King and McDonald’s. Comparison of these two companies to see exactly what they have to offer and the fact that people seem to look at all fast food the same. It is all bad for you and causing health issues. Burger King and McDonald’s are the top two fast-food chains and are known for serving unhealthy foods, but there are healthy choices available, as salads.

As I have done my research to see if there are healthy options when we eat at these places. Truly comes down to whether it is us or the franchises making the wrong choices or whose fault it really is. Fast food franchises being all of the same or having differences amongst food options and services offered. Similarities Main thing appears to be a burger, fries, and a soft drink is what they are known for. Both of the franchises basically offer the same types of foods, combo meals, children meals, dollar menus, supersizes available, playlands and a drive-thru for that fast service.

Usually, you can bet the food will taste the same each time you go, giving us the feeling of reliability. Whether you want to sit down as a family or eat on the go. Both of the companies keep the cost down to make it an affordable meal and giving us a variety to choose from. They both serve breakfast, lunch, and supper options. This is partially what makes it hard for us to say no. The convenience and time-saving options really hit home to our busy schedules. Differences: Now even though they both seem to be basically the same, there are differences within these two franchises.

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One way that they are different is in the way they prepare and process their foods. At Burger King, they use a process where there is no human intervention while cooking their burgers. No one has to stand there and flip the burgers. This is saving time and providing employees to be available to keep moving and making meals more quickly. They also use a broiler, giving us that broiler taste. Where McDonald’s uses a basic grill style and someone has to be there constantly to turn and flip the burgers. Burger King has bigger and thicker burgers, providing more for your buck.

They also have the option of onion rings instead of fries, and they are lower in calories than fries. When concerning their fries, they even have the option of no salt on them. This is an amazing option for those of us watching our sodium intake. The one thing that I was surprised with is that they provide Kraft macaroni and cheese and apple fries in the children’s meals, along with milk. The fries are still included, but for those parents who do not want them to have the fries, there is your other option. McDonald’s gives you a wider range of choices in desserts and salads.

They offer 10 different types of salads, where Burger King only offers you 3 types of salads. Their happy meal is including a choice of low-fat chocolate and white milk, fries along with apple slices. If you do not want your child to have fries, there’s the option of two packages of apple slices. They are attempting to offer a healthier choice for your children. Healthier choices If you want just the basic burger, fries, and a beverage, it really does not matter where you go; they both offer these and come down to the consumer’s taste buds.

Basically either place you go, they both have begun to offer many healthy food options. It still is not the best choice, but you can choose something that will not cause so much weight gain. It is coming down to our choices on what we eat if we must go to a fast-food restaurant. Some of the choices you can make: Have a salad with the dressing on the side, Burger King’s fries with no salt, have the condiments on the side or none, choose a burger with no bacon or cheese, have their oatmeal option with fruit on top, a veggie burger instead of meat, grilled instead of fried and have juice instead of soda.

There are many things that we can choose to eat that will make our visit to these two places healthier. Both places provide brochures on the nutritional value of their meals, take time to check them out and see what you are eating. Burger King and McDonald’s are very similar in many ways but do have differences. Just depending on what your taste buds are, if you want it made your way, or if you want a bigger burger. These will assist in determining which company fits best with your desires. The salad option, McDonald’s is the way to go.

They have the best options in this category but remember to go for the grilled instead of fried and have that dressing on the side. Just remember it is our choice of what we are putting in our bodies.


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