Essays on Business Law

Essays on Business Law

Feeling stuck when writing an essay on Business Law? If you are unable to get started on your task and need some inspiration, then you are in the right place. Business Law essays require a range of skills including understanding, interpretation and analysis, planning, research and writing. To write an effective essay on Business Law, you need to examine the question, understand its focus and needs, obtain information and evidence through research, then build a clear and organized answer. Browse our samples and select the most compelling topic as an example for your own!

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Misrepresentation Case

A misrepresentation is distinct from a statement of opinion which may render a valid contract void or voidable. There is a difference between innocent, negligent and fraudulent misrepresentations. An innocent misrepresentation would affect a contract. A negligent misrepresentation may result in liability for negligence; whereas, …

Business LawContractJustice
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Salomon Doctrine

This essay expounds the doctrine of ‘separate legal personality’ and analyses the rationale behind the fears that it has become irrevocably undermined, due to the plethora of exceptions that have heretofore arisen. In order to provide a thorough analysis of the situation, the doctrine and …

Business LawCorporationsLaw
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Offer and acceptance of advance repudiation

Introduction Repudiation in the present sense occurs where a party indicates, either expressly or impliedly, by words or conduct that he does not intend to honor his obligations when they fall due in the future.(Richards, 2004) and (Furmston, 2006) p.688 It must be observed that, …

Business LawContractContract Law
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Essays on Business Law
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The impact of misrepresentation, mistake, duress and undue influence on the validity of a contract

Introduction Contract law is primarily concerned with the enforcement of promises and is regulated largely by the common law. In order for any contract to be binding between the parties, there must be an intention to create legal relations as shown in the case of …

Business LawContractContract Law
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Business Law Questions

Question 2 Can Paul take any legal action against Derek? Did Derek breathe the contract made between him and Paul? A contract is agreement concerning promises made between two or more parties with the intention if creating certain legal right and obligation upon the parties …

Business LawContractJustice
Words 344
Pages 2
Business law Reflective

Abstract Reflective writing provides “evidence of reflective thinking” (Thorpe, 2010, p. 2) and generally involves the writer looking at back at tasks that have been undertaken and considering what improvements need to be made. In order to conduct a reflective statement for a presentation that …

Business LawConfidenceWriter
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Pages 8
The Doctrine Of Separate Legal Entity: A Case Of Salomon Vs Salomon & Co Ltd

Abstract The doctrine of separate legal entity is a doctrine which has gained increasing importance in the analysis of company law. The importance of this doctrine and its relevance in the analysis of laws relating to companies is evident in the case of Salomon v …

Business LawCorporationsLaw
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Milesofpaper Ltd Analysis

Introduction As Mr Frank and Mr Stamp entered into the contract with Milesofpaper Ltd before the incorporation of Wearboaters Ltd, it would appear that the contract was entered into under the partnership of Pleasure Boats & Co and thereby governed by the Partnership Act (PA) …

Business LawContractPartnership
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Business Law Memo

M E M O R A N D U M TO:Client FROM: DATE:November 16, 2011 RE:Suggestive Business Entity for Cure of Cancer Question Presented What business entity would be best suited in order to create the enterprise for the client’s scientific cure of cancer, while …

Business LawCorporationPartnership
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Introduction to Business Law and Ethics

Introduction to Business Law and Ethics Susana Silvestri Grand Canyon University BUS-340 October 17, 2010 Introduction to Business Law and Ethics Statutory interpretation was critical to the Supreme Court of Colorado’s resolution of a 2007 case, Pringle v. Valdez. Using an online source or sources, …

Business LawEvidenceJustice
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Mr Daniel

Contract is a part of the business transaction Contract is an agreement between two or more parties each of whom has the intention to create a legal relation to have a lawful object between them. Contract is more used in the partnership business where each …

Business LawContractDuty of Care
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Pages 14
Business law: exemption clause

An exemption is a clause in a contract that exempts or removes liability from one or both parties in certain circumstances. Exemption clauses are used frequently in business organization contract. These clauses apportion risk between the parties concerned and the law upholds them, assuming the …

Business LawContractJustice
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Informative Essay on Business Law

Resolving Ethical Business Challenges Chapter One 1. What are the potential ethical issues faced by Acme Corporation? Acme is essentially bribing buyers to purchase their products. This could backfire on them if the buyers company gets wind of it. The reaction of the company may …

BriberyBusiness LawReputation
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Provisions in the Bond Indenture

For businesses, commercial banks also provide specialized cash management and credit enhancement services. Cash management services are designed to allow businesses to make efficient use of their cash. For example, under normal circumstances a business would sell its product to a customer and send the …

Business LawContractLaw
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Corporate groups or controlling shareholders

Introduction In order to render controllers of corporate groups or controlling shareholders individually accountable for the debts of the company, the courts are empowered to lift the veil of incorporation. However, this is drastic and has to be resorted to only under extreme circumstances. As …

BusinessBusiness LawCorporation
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What are the topics in business law?
Business law is a combination of several areas covered in the business school and law law courses.
What is business law and its importance?
Business law is a part of code. It protects liberties and right, maintains orders, resolves disputes and establishes standards for business concerns and their dealings to government agencies and individuals.
What do you mean business law?
Business law refers to all laws that affect how a business is run. This includes all the laws that govern how to open, buy, manage, close or sell any type business. All businesses should follow business laws.

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