Essays on Common Law

Essays on Common Law

Feeling stuck when writing an essay on Common Law? If you are unable to get started on your task and need some inspiration, then you are in the right place. Common Law essays require a range of skills including understanding, interpretation and analysis, planning, research and writing. To write an effective essay on Common Law, you need to examine the question, understand its focus and needs, obtain information and evidence through research, then build a clear and organized answer. Browse our samples and select the most compelling topic as an example for your own!

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Adjudicators` Jurisdiction and Construction Contracts

Introduction Amidst a flurry of cases during the early years of adjudication, the courts appear to have achieved their aim of resolving questions thrown up by the 1996 Housing Grants Construction and Regeneration Actand creating a reliable process for the pursuit of adjudication-related claims (Fenn …

Common LawContractCourtJustice
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Dispute Resolution Coursework

 Introduction This report will discuss the different approaches to concurrent delays in construction contracts by reviewing various construction cases where disputed have arisen. I will also analyse the findings in the recent Court of Session case of City Inn v Shepherd Construction (2010) and assess …

Common LawContractEmployment
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What is the traditional framework of Extradition Within Common law?

Introduction Extradition is the response of State to the international mobility of offenders or to be exact, the international mobility of suspected criminals and convicted offenders. Where an accused is wanted for trail in other State, then his surrender to that State should be under …

Common LawCrimeJustice
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Is an adolescent far better of under the statutory law than the common law? Discuss

Introduction The tension between adolescence and adulthood has been a fertile breeding ground for legal reform in mental health. The issues surrounding the admission and detention of mentally ill adolescents in hospital are fabulously complex and have been swept along with the tide of reform …

AdolescentCommon LawJustice
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Firm Judicial Policy

Introduction It will be determined whether the courts have always shown due respect for the intention of Parliament in applying firm judicial policy. In doing so, appropriate case law, academic opinion and relevant legislative provisions will be analysed by accessing applicable text books, journal articles …

Common LawGovernmentLaw
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Arizona v. Hicks

Arizona v. Hicks 489 U.S. 321 (1987) Facts: A bullet was fired through the floor of the respondent’s room which caused injury to a man. The police immediately entered the respondent’s room to check if there were other victims and their search yielded three weapons …

Common LawCrimeJusticePrivacy
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Comparison of British and French Systems of Justice

Abstract The law of murder is often subject to much critique because of its unfavourable treatment towards women. Although many changes have recently been made to this area to rectify the problems, questions are still being raised as to whether the pre-existing gender biases still …

Common LawCriminal JusticeCriminal Law
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How Does Equity Fulfil the Common Law

How Does Equity Fulfill the Common Law Common Law Equity fulfils the common law, although it does not endeavour to displace it with a moral code. In order to be influential, the law is to be professed as both certain and predictable, and also flexible …

AdolescenceCommon LawContractCourtJustice
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Reflection About The Learning Modules And Simulation

Reflection about the learning modules and simulation Chapter 8 This module was very Informative. The module provided detail Information In regards to the history and the organizations of the courts. Looking back on the primitive days leading up to modern day court system the same …

Common LawGovernmentJustice
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Exclusionary Rule

Contemporary Issues Paper: The Exclusionary Rule Jennifer Howell November 6, 2010 The Exclusionary Rule and Its Exceptions Introduction: The Exclusionary Rule The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States protects citizens from unreasonable searches and seizures by law enforcement personnel. (US Const. amend. …

Common LawGovernmentJustice
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Queen vs. Dudley and Stephens; opening statement

Before I begin, I want to remind you that this is the court of law. In this country, the law states that any person who deliberately takes the life of another is guilty of murder. There is no question as to who took the life …

Common LawJusticeLaw
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Minor Signs Contract

As I have been doing business with Don on a steady basis. I would consider us to be in an Implied contract situation. Subtask, Brenna, Browne (2009) defines an implied contract as “established by the conduct of a party rather than by the party’s written …

Common LawContractFraud
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Pompano Helicopters Inc. versus Westwood One, Inc.

According to an Associated Press story dated October 29, 2007 Pompano Helicopters has filed two separate suits against media giant Westwood One alleging the defendant and its subsidiary Metro Networks Communications, Inc. Pompano alleges the defendant “conspired to take over Pompano’s contracts to provide broadcast …

Common LawCourtJustice
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Jaga vs. D

In its Bath Star Judgment, the Constitutional Court referred to the interpretive approach followed in the Gaga v D¶ones, a notorious case from the asses. In this essay, I argue that the recent comments by the Constitutional Court about the case clearly show that the …

Common LawGovernmentLaw
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Michelle v Canconcert

Since Michelle suffers from depression, a recognized psychiatric illness, and does not suffer any physical injury, this is a case of duty of care (DOC) under Mental Harm (MM), as provided in sis CLAW. Circumstantial factors will be used to answer the reasonable verifiability question. …

Common LawDuty of CareLaw
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