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Writing a Thesis Statement about Discrimination

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Thesis statement is a statement that conveys the ultimate message, intention or the main argument of your essay. In other words, thesis statement can summarize your whole essay within a single sentence. Your thesis statement will be enough for the examiners about which side or position you are taking in the discussion or debate. For example, in the question of “do you agree? ” type, this statement will tell the reader whether you agree and to what extent. There are chaos surrounding how the thesis statement should be like.

It is natural for you to think that this sentence should be long and complex, since it should summarize the whole essay. But as you get more confident with the use of language, you will know that a very short sentence can sometimes state a thesis more effectively than longer ones. Moreover, since the thesis statement is understood or interpreted in the light of the contextual information provided earlier, you might express only the core message in the thesis statement. Therefore, thesis statements can equally be written concisely or laconically.

But for that, you should have a superior vocabulary and experience (practice). The thesis statement is usually written at the end of the introduction paragraph. How to write a thesis statement? Thesis statement by itself isn’t any different from ordinary statements. It is unique just because this single sentence can convey the message of the whole essay. Except this special characteristic there’s no any other difference. You do not need to learn any new rules to be able to write thesis statement. More likely, you might be already using such statements in your essays without your conscious knowledge.

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Now, I’ll present a few obvious examples about how thesis statement can be written! Example 1 James Tan Chuan Xun, Educator in Chief at Future Perfect Education, wrote a thesis statement for the following essay title as: Q. ?”There is little in the 20th century of which we can be proud of” Discuss. There is much to be proud of, much to be ashamed about, and much to hope for in the 20th century. This sentence clearly reflects his overall view on the question. He is aware of the positive developments of which we should be proud of; the negative aspects of those developments of which we should be ashamed about;

and despite what happened there still is a need for us to be hopeful and optimistic. From this single sentence we can frame out how his whole essay will look like. We can more or less predict what he is likely to discuss in his body paragraphs. In a nutshell, we can know his overall view on this topic. Example 2 Similarly, here are other examples demonstrating how to write thesis statement: Q. To what extent are racism and other forms of discrimination a problem in yoursociety? While racism is absent, caste and gender discriminations are still huge problems in my society.

Here we can easily infer that racism is nonexistent but caste discrimination and gender discrimination are the burning issues in the author’s society. We can also expect that the author will outline the reasons behind such discriminations as well as justify why the problems concerned are highly intense in his society. This question is seeking answer to two particular questions: ?What kinds of discrimination problems are present in your society? (Identification and justification of the problem. ) ?To what extent are they problematic in your society?

(Assessment of the intensity of the problem. Is the problem serious or mild? ) The thesis statement above has concisely answered these both questions. Example 3 Q. Can democracy be imposed or must it grow naturally? Democracy will still be the ‘rule of people’ even if established by imposition, however, for full acceptance of the people it should be allowed to grow naturally. From this thesis statement, we are clear that the author is very positive about democracy. Democracy is the rule of people no matter how we introduce it to a country.

People are powered with various rights in a democratic nation and their decision, expressed through voting and/or referendum, on the major issues of national interest is the final one. The author seems to understand these facts about democracy. However, we can infer from his thesis statement that he is also aware of the possible consequences of imposing democracy. In the question, the word “imposing” contradicts directly with the principle of democracy. “Can we impose people to be free, even if they don’t want to? ” can be an ethical question, a question for debate.

Perhaps, the people do not want to take their decision themselves. Perhaps they find it easier, and totally comfortable to follow a dictator. For many reasons including religious, cultural and socio-economic, people might be accepting the rule of a non-democratic leader. In such conditions, they may even retaliate or revolt against any other forms of government, especially if imposed by some other people. The author also understands this possibility. Hence, he thinks that if the democracy has to gain full support from people, it should be allowed to grow naturally. Conclusion

A thesis statement need not be difficult and complex. In fact, simpler and clearer thesis statements are better as they can communicate your argument more effectively than the difficult ones. Moreover, thesis statements are not that difficult to write if you practice writing them whenever you write a new GP essay. Just be clear in your mind what you are writing and remember that the length or structure of the sentence doesn’t matter. Only what matters is that it should be able to give a big picture of the whole essay. Your thesis statement is your answer to the question in a single sentence.

Writing a Thesis Statement about Discrimination essay

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What is a good example of a thesis statement?
A good example of a thesis statement is "The current educational system is flawed and in need of reform to better serve students' needs." This statement clearly outlines the issue and the proposed solution in a concise and direct manner.
What is an example of a thesis statement in equality?
An example of a thesis statement in equality could be: "Equality is essential for a healthy society, and it should be a fundamental right for all people regardless of gender, race, or religion."
What is the general statement for discrimination?
Discrimination is the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things, especially on the basis of race, age, or sex. It can take many forms, including direct and indirect discrimination, as well as systemic discrimination. Discrimination can have a negative impact on individuals and communities, leading to unequal access to resources, opportunities, and rights.
What is an example of a thesis statement about gender equality?
A good example of a thesis statement about gender equality is: "Gender equality is an important issue that must be addressed in order to create a more equitable society for all genders." This statement emphasizes the importance of gender equality and the need for society to take action to ensure that all genders are treated equally.

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