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Is Cheerleading a Sport?

What is a sport? By definition a sport is an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. But then what is a cheerleader? A cheerleader is a member of a team that performs …

CheerleadingCheerleading is a SportConcussionSport
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Concussions In the NFL

Concussions in the NFL have become much more prevalent, and the effects of these concussions appear to have become more severe, as this is a direct result of the development of player training systems. Over the past decade there has been vast improvements made in …

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Essay Summary of Annotated Bibliography

This article will help illuminate my thesis because it will give me something that I can rebuttal against and prove that they are wrong. Cook, Kevin. “Dying to Play. ” New York Times 11 September 2012. Web. 27 December Cook is telling the story of …

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Post-Professor Era Of Modern Arnis

Thesis statement : FOOTBALL – Thesis Statement – Dylan 3G I selected this topic because the football field is the best place to let out your anger. Plus, when you tackle somebody, you don’t get in any trouble. I will teach others the best way …

ConcussionHuman Nature
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Intelligence vs. Brain Size

Intelligence vs. Brain size Collection project was designed to teach students how to collect, and organize, describe and document data using Excel lists and graphs. I chose this particular subject to research to further my understanding of the evolution of human species. “Can intelligence and …

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Traumatic Brain Injury (Tbi)

Many disabilities can affect people of all ages. Some can be genetic, some can happen to you through accidents, but at the same time, all of them require an understanding of the basic reason behind the problem in order to help those affected by it. …

BrainBrain InjuryConcussionDisability
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NFL Concussions Analysis

On the other hand, the nature football is very aggressive ND hazardous. There are many fans think there should be little to no regulations or changes because football is meant to be an aggressive sport. Football is considered to be a holy sport for most …

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The Traumatic Brain Injury Health And Social Care Essay

Traumatic hurt of the caput and encephalon has been a serious issue for world since the morning of civilisation. Even early Hagiographas in neurosurgery describe care of head hurt. The encephalon is a partly solid construction that weighs about 3 pounds and utilizes around 80 …

AbuseBrainBrain InjuryConcussionMedicine
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Concussions: Traumatic Brain Injury and Moderate Concussion

Concussions A concussion is a clinical syndrome of traumatic brain injury (TBI) also referred to as mild brain injury (MBI), is characterized by immediate but transient posttraumatic impairment of the brain function. Mental confusion, alteration of mental status, and amnesia are hallmarks of concussion symptoms …

BrainBrain InjuryConcussion
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Norwood Park Is A Middle-Class Suburb Outside Chicago

Typical Norman Rockwell Americana. An honest, hardworking, tight-knit community. Especially well-liked was John Wayne Gacy, a former cook who became a successful entrepreneur in the construction business. The neighborhood barbeque was always at John’s house, due to his skill on the grill, and his fondness …

ConcussionCruelty to AnimalsHealthSerial Killers
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Injuries in the Nfl

National Football League Injury Controversy In America sports are important but football seems to be vastly more important and more widely known as a specifically American sport. The overwhelming topic on any sports network such as ESPN and the NFL Network are the growing number …

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The Expansion of the NFL Generations

The National Football League (NFL) has changed over time during its existence from 1920. The National Football League’s experience is even more exciting today then in past generations. The players today are bigger, faster, and stronger then professional players. Although the same general rules still …

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Reflection on Concussions

I learned many things from the completion of my senior exit project. My research has taught me the most because it furthered my thesis statement. The research proved that if the padding was reorganized and strategically placed into the helmet, that more protection would be …

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Understanding Concussions: Definition, Causes, and Effects

Informative speech on Concussions Intro Imagine your head pounding and you don’t know where you are, your eyes are dilated and you can’t remember how or what happened. All of a sudden you’re getting help being carried off by people you can’t recognize. You get …

BrainConcussionEssay ExamplesMedicine
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National Football League Player Safety

NFLPA Player Safety The National Football League has become the most exciting and thrilling sports league to watch in the last few decades. Most recently players have become much faster and bigger than in the past and the safety of their lives have become a …

ConcussionEssay ExamplesSport
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Trauma In 21st Century Health And Social Care Essay

Traumatic hurts are a really serious issue for society. These types of hurts are one of the chief causes of decease in people aged 5-44 old ages in the universe today. They account for 10 % of all deaths in this age group and hence …

21st CenturyConcussionHealthHypertensionMedicine
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Concussions Research

Every year “hundred of thousands college and high school student athletes receive sport related concussions” (Meadows 107-108). Not only do the athletes who play the hard hitting contact sports such as football and hockey receive concussions, the basketball players and soccer players receive them as …

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Describe 4 common sports injuries

The fibula is the splint bone on the outside of the lower leg, there are two types of breaks, the first being an open fracture which means the bone has ruptured the skin. A closed fracture does not rupture the skin and also a closed …

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Overview Of Sport Injury Types Health And Social Care Essay

For this subdivision of my portfolio I am traveling to cover hurts in athletics and choose a specific hurt to reason an in-depth survey on how it the hurt was sustained, how it can be treated in add-on to taking stairss to forestall a return …

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Althete Safety

No matter what age. Gender, or ethnicity sports are universal. Whether the sports are American or otherwise, anyone can play/do sports. Thousands of people sign up to play sports in this country every day. In America, sports are one of the top hobbies people do …

Words 808
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Following a concussion, some people may suffer persisting symptoms, such as memory and concentration problems, mood swings, personality changes, headache, fatigue, dizziness, insomnia and excessive drowsiness for several weeks to months. This is known as post-concussive syndrome.

Frequently asked questions

How do you explain a concussion?
A concussion is a type of brain injury that is caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head. Concussions can also be caused by a fall or a hit to the body that causes the head and brain to move quickly back and forth. This sudden movement can cause the brain to bounce around or twist in the skull, which can damage brain cells and cause chemical changes in the brain. Concussions vary in severity, from mild to severe. Most concussions are considered mild brain injuries.
What are 5 interesting facts about concussions?
1. Concussions can occur without any contact to the head.2. Concussions can occur from a blow to the body that transmits an “impulse” to the head.3. Concussions can cause a loss of consciousness.4. Concussions can cause long-term damage, including chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).5. Concussions can be difficult to diagnose because symptoms may not appear until days or weeks after the injury.
What happens during a concussion?
When a person suffers a concussion, their brain is jarred and shaken inside their skull. This can cause the brain to swell and bleed, and can also lead to bruising of the brain tissue. Concussions can cause a loss of consciousness, and can also lead to memory problems, confusion, and dizziness.
What are the 3 R's of a concussion?
The 3 R's of a concussion are rest, relaxation, and rehabilitation. Rest is important for the brain to heal. Relaxation helps to reduce stress and anxiety. Rehabilitation helps to improve symptoms and regain function.

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