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School’s Registration System Thesis

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Until now, several schools were note introduce in computer technologies and its efferent systems that's why the proponents decided to develop their school registration system that will help them to organize a student's information instantly. Amazing Grace Academy-Tagging Inc. Was the chosen beneficiary of the proponents. It was founded on 2005 by Pastor Monies Battle and run by his wife Principal Arlene Bat Ill The Christian school was built by pastors of different churches because of their passion about teaching children of Christian gospels and also beyond it.

So they decided to build a school that will help one's child intelligence and knowledge about Christian gospels. Then, they created a Christian school named Jesus the Lord and Savior - Foundational Learning Center. As time pass by, it was developed and renamed as Amazing Grace Academy-Tagging Inc. Currently, this school was continually accepting and molding young generation through academic excellence and moral values. Background of the Study The proponents discovered several difficulties about their existing system.

It is experiencing different complications through organizing, managing and sorting data by doing it manually. It also consumes a lot of time and effort to reach specific student's information in order for them to edit and add information. Faculty teachers spend a lot of time by writing every students information to their record book as their verification that the students were officially enrolled in Amazing Grace Academy - Tagging Inc. Fortunately, by the concern of the proponents, a new and improved system will be created. This will help them to manage several students' information easily and in a quickest way.

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It will also lessen the time and effort to document all of the student's information to be their record as their official dents. Admit can easily find, edit and add student's information by searching the student's number, name, section or students school level, and other information of the student using computers owned by the school. Admit can also determine if the student, were transferred from other school, their medical records and school records. Furthermore, the admit can verify an official student by having a registration form in each student.

Conceptual Framework Theoretical Framework The act Of recording data or information Of a certain person is called registration. Registering is very useful in recording information for us to know the fact about the person. Usually something is registered to claim more rights, or to protect ownership, or because the law says it must be registered to be used legally. It was use in Births, Deaths and marriages to prove the date and the event happened, in Motor vehicles to prove who owns the vehicle and to identify them and in Books to show the date when copyright protection starts.

It was also created to fight crimes. To turn back to 1760 is to realize just how much the world has changed since Load's Register was founded. At that time the sailing ship was the only reliable and speedy form of transport and the steam engine's full potential was only just being developed. Industrialization of the western world had not yet accelerated to encourage the wide-spread exploitation of natural resources such as oil and gas, and the nuclear and jet ages were not even envisaged.

The Society for the Registry of Shipping was set up in 1760 by customers of Edward Load's Coffee House in Lombard Street, London. The aim was to give merchants and underwriters recorded information on the quality of their vessels. The Register Book listed vessels rated, or classed, after the condition Of their hulls and equipment had been surveyed. The subscriptions generated by the Register Book paid for the surveyors to carry out the work. This was the true beginning of classification and the Society was the world's first classification society.

With its base in one of the world's leading manufacturing nations, the expertise and reputation of Load's Register became attractive to many organizations overseas eager to have assurance on the quality of goods being produced in and shipped from the UK. The First World War brought further opportunities to demonstrate the effectiveness of inspection as means to provide an assurance of quality, from shell steel made for the French, to copper pipes and other products made for shipping in the USA.

By 1934 surveyors were inspecting ten million cubic feet of cold storage, not just in the UK but in places such as Antwerp and Basal, Leopoldville and Mated in the Congo, and Singapore. During the Second World War the demands of war accelerated the pace Of change in shipping and industry and Load's Register helped validate many of the innovations. Reconstruction work following the war allowed Load's Register to gradually revive its activities overseas. The mid-shoos saw a long boom in shipping with many new challenges as shipping and shipbuilding influence shifted towards the east.

Load's Register saw remarkable growth of its non-marine operations. In the decades following 1960, Load's Register facilitated change as the shipping boom contain due. Ships became ever larger and centralization changed the world by revolutionize the flow of goods. The oil crisis of the early sass led to a deep depression in shipping, but Load's Register rode the tort through its involvement with the expanding energy industry and offshore business, led by the pioneering development for extraction of oil and gas under the North Sea.

There followed another difficult period as shipping scarcely grew in terms of tonnage until 1990. At the same time the offshore industry suffered from a collapse in oil prices. Nevertheless, Load's Register strengthened its position in Asia, diversified its offshore operations around the world and consolidated its position as the leading classification society for passenger ships and liquefied natural gas (LONG) carriers. One of the most striking developments was the success of Load's Register Quality Assurance (LIRA), a management systems business established in 1985.

A consultancy-based rail business was first considered in the early 1 sass and Load's Register Rail was formed in 1996. Real growth began only a decade later as governments around the world invested massive sums in major rail projects from the Netherlands to Dublin and Taiwan. In the past decade, Load's Register has undergone a cultural transformation to ensure greater financial and commercial awareness. The organization mutinous to grow and serve client needs, remaining competitive in a rapidly changing world.

On 2 July 201 2, Load's Register converted its status from an industrial and provident society to a company limited by shares, called Load's Register Group Limited. The shares in Load's Register Group Limited are owned by a new parent, Load's Register Foundation, a registered charity. Scope and Limitations The proponents are in the process of creating Amazing Grace Academy - Tagging Inc. Registration System which allows the user to add, edit, save and record the student's information. It holds a large amount of different dent's information. This stores different information for a long period of time.

The user can instantly look for the student's information by using the search engine. Lastly, it is able to print the summary report Of the information of different students. Restrictions were discovered by the proponents while creating their School's Registration System. They discovered that the administrator of the school is merely capable of accessing the School's Registration System and design for the students and staff of Amazing Grace Academy - Tagging Inc. The user is capable of accessing the system by using the application given by the represents.

If the user misspelled his/her password while typing, he/she is able to attempt three (3) times to access the School's Registration System. While the user is accessing the system, he/she is allowed to register students from nursery level to grade 6 levels. Finally, the Registration System is merely capable of accessing for Windows 7 and Windows 8. Statement of the Problem Based on the proponents, the general problems Of the study are the following. 1 . What are the software and hardware requirements for the School's Registration System? 2. How many information of the students will be stored n the proponent's system? . How does the proponent's system will improve the work of the user? 4. How does the developed system can maintain every records of the student? 5. What are the advantages and disadvantages? Significance of the Study This study will be significant to the main users of the Amazing Grace Academy - Tagging Inc. It will help them to process a large amount of students information in a faster and accurate way. At the same time, a bunch Of students can accommodate conveniently. Personnel who are assigned to register different information of the students can also aim the convenience aired by the proponent's system.

Despite the fact that it can bring convenience to the users; it minimizes the time and effort of the users to register a lot of essential information. This study can also provide ideas to the researchers regarding with proponent's study in understandable way. This will serves as a fresh ground for the researchers who study will be related in the field of Computer Science. Furthermore, it helps the ability of the proponents on how to build a comprehensible computerized system. This will provide them as a challenge to do a better system.

School’s Registration System Thesis essay

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