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This Emotional Life Summary

This video talked about how and why we need relationship with others through family, friend and the case of lovers. In the beginning of the video psychologist, Daniel Gilbert, states that successful relationship gives us happiness. Moreover it also led to our emotional well being.

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On the section of family, it focused on the attachment. Children have problem communicating and building relationship, in most of the time, are lack of the love. Especially from the mother or care givers.

When the period of crying and learning the surroundings, they have learned that they were not being pay attention. Also there is no one to protect and comfort them. Oxytocin a hormone plays an important role in social relationship because it helps format the attachment. In other words, to form a close relationship such as friends and parents it is necessary to create that hormone. The experiment between adopted and natural mother-child had shown that natural mother-child’s oxytocin increased.

However the adopted one didn’t. It also mentioned that it is not only the child that gets influenced by, but also the parents too. By experimenting where mothers’ brain work by seeing their child’s emotions, stated that the part of “need to pay attention” have worked actively. On the next section about the friend, it focused on communication. People gets stress when they feel lonely which would led to hart disease, diabetes, accidents, and suicide.