Childhood Is the Best Part of One’s Life Narrate Your Experience

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Many a time, I have longed for my childhood days. This is especially true at times when I would like to escape from the torture of examinations and homework. Furthermore, my childhood was filled with countless memorable moments that I would love to relive. Many, who have happy childhood memories, would also, I am sure, feel the same.

Childhood is a period that is associated with fun and play. The child hardly cares or knows what the adult thinks of him. He frolics with his childhood playmates in the sand, mud or water. Through his mother may chide him for his pranks, she may, secretly in her heart, wish that she too could be as carefree and happy as her child.

Children normally do not have any major responsibilities to shoulder. Political, economic, social and family problems do not disturb them. They may be confused because they can not comprehend the problem, but most of them will not go through heartbreaking moments over them.

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However, the above beautifully painted childhood phase is not true in the case of all children. There are children who are abused and exploited and who suffer from dire poverty. In Ethiopia and other poor countries, children are afflicted with many diseases and continually suffer the pangs of hunger. They have to shoulder the responsibilities of adults, looking for food and taking care of their younger siblings.

These cases, however, may be considered as exceptions. Many still feel that the average child’s life is much merrier. Adult life is filled with responsibilities. Yet, responsibilities need not be viewed negatively. There are many joys that come with responsibilities. For example, I always experience great joy and satisfaction when I do well in my exam after studying hard for it.

Therefore, in my view, childhood can be looked back upon as one of the best periods in one’s life. With a positive attitude, a person can experience happiness in any period of his life.

Autobiography: three of my childhood memories

In this talk I'm going to discuss three of my childhood memories. These things are very special to me and I've treasured them mentally and physically throughout my life.

I'd like to start with a book, this book is called 'Better days'. The moral of this book is to never give up trying in life, it describes a boy's childhood. The boy is called Tom and he was abused by his family, he was brutally beaten and his parents treated him like filth. But one day he thought that life was about happiness and dreams so he decided to stand up to what he believes in. Unfortunately his wicked parents did not agree and he continued getting beaten. This fragile and disturbed boy wanted to be a teacher, he wanted the opportunity to help children with their education and most of all he wanted to teach children that life is like a drop of rain, you can see it for a moment but eventually it goes. Throughout the story it describes Tom's feelings towards others, he was a kind and considerate person, even to his parents but most of all he never stopped believing in hope. Like read about memories? Read also Flashbulb memory!

This story stays close to my heart because it shows that anyone can be who they want to be, but the only way to live that dream is to stick with it and never give up. This story is also an inspiration in my life and it has taught me to never give up believing.

Now I'm going to describe a song which to me feels really emotional, it is by a rapper called 2 Pac and the song is called 'Changes'. This song is about life and how life itself copes with changes. When I listen to this song it reminds me of September 11th because I think that tragic day changed the world for ever. It involved war on other countries and it has ruined many people's lives. When I compare the song and that day of September 11th I think to myself that the world is very cruel and the people of the world are very cruel to each other. Didn't God say 'love each other like I have loved you ?'; well to me I think the world has broken that promise. This song will stay with me throughout my life and it reminds me to be kind to others and to settle things with peace and not war.

Finally, this brings me to my last memory and that is an object that has been with me all my life. It would have to be my flannel. You are probably thinking 'why a flannel'. Well it may not be an expensive object but as long as it is yours it's priceless. When I was born I had this flannel by my side in hospital, it was just something to amuse and comfort me but from that day on I couldn't go anywhere with out it. This small flannel reminds me of my whole life and it symbolizes me as an individual.

My Favorite Childhood Memory

As time goes by, there was this event that happened during my childhood keeps grinding in my brain. The one thing which I favor the most was to watch cartoons all day long. My childhood was so much influenced by Disney cartoons. The little girl would always have the thoughts of breaking the TV glass and get into it to join them. Me as the youngest in the family would let myself to play in a place of my own creation with the characters present in the cartoon. My parents were aware of my craze towards the fantasy land and the characters.

In a splendid summer, my parents took my other siblings and me to somewhere really far from our home. My siblings and I rushed to the windows of the car to get the best position to view the beauty of newly existed city in our life. It was magnificently beautiful to look at the tall buildings out of the car windows. The pain in the neck was greatly ignored over the breathtaking city as we were had to look up in the air. After the hours of journey, my daddy stopped off the car at our favorite restaurant which has a star on it.

Carls Jr. was the place we always yearn for. We had queued at the washroom door to take turn—empting the over filled bladder. Now, all the eyes are helping the brain to glance through the menu board to decide the meal for the hungry stomach. Jr. Meal set was the most appetizing menu for little kids. As usual my lovely elder sister had educated me over my ill table manners since I munched while my mouth opened wide and dinned. Belching sounds were heard among the family members who marked the filled stomach.

Before, we jump into the car, mom instructed her kids to drain out the urine as it takes another couple of hours before we hit the destination. Silence was observed in the car except the fine classical music played to help us rest the strained eyes. Snoring and drooling had been part of the journey to a veiled land. The sun shone straight to face forcing us to open the long closed eyes. Eyes were trying to keep focus on a figure standing against the sun. It was mommy, waiting for her kids to awake from their sleeps.

On by one, leaped out of the car while blocked by mom and dad from viewing the surrounding. Daddy urged us to close our eyes. Next, we heard mommy saying “darlings, you may disclose your eyes”. While sun shines happily to us, we hardly could see the place hid over the sun shine. Yet, we identified a great gateway and a castle which always appears at the beginning of any Disney cartoon or movies. It was Disney Land. My siblings and I were jumped freely in the summer warm sky as we were surged with happiness and so much joy. The heart could hardly believe the eyes.

My Beach Memories

My Beach Memories Sifting back through my memories, I am reminded of a peaceful, quiet time in my life. My mind drifts back to a happy place of relaxation and tranquility. I am able to remove myself from all the continued chaos of everyday life. Sitting on the sand, feeling the warmth of the sun, all of my troubles quickly melt away. I can feel the soft, wet sand as my skin melts into it, reminding me that I have no deadlines to meet or no place to rush off to now. The cool, crisp water feels exhilarating as it rushes over my body.

As the ocean waves crash against me, I can still feel the sting of the fine ocean mist and the pungent taste of the salt as it sprinkles over my face. The fresh smell of the salty ocean water clears my sinuses as I synchronize my breathing with the ebb of the tide. Lying quietly in the sun, I can feel its warmth engulfing me like a large fuzzy blanket covering my skin. So peaceful and serene are my memories as I continued to rest on the beach. I can still hear the crash of the water against the rocks. The ocean birds' songs still echo in my head as they sang me to sleep on the soft, warm sand.

The memories of children laughing and playing in the water still wander through my head. I also remember the sounds of seagulls chirping as they glide over my paradise. Having not a care in the world, could there be a more wonderful place? The sun sets softly behind the large palm trees as the wind gently blows salt and sand against my body as I sit and watch. The air turns cooler as the night begins. I can see millions of twinkling stars, as I get lost in their magic and mystery. It seems as if time is frozen no worries or stress to cloud my mind.

I can be free to dream and ponder over all of my desires. Sitting quietly on the beach, I can be free. These fond memories are my pathway to escape from reality. Even if the moment is brief, it is long enough to rekindle my desire for life. Just reminiscing over my time at the beach has rejuvenated my wayward mind and wilting body. I can go back to my happy place any time I desire. I have such fond memories of the beach. I will never forget how peaceful, relaxing, and beautiful my favorite place has been to me.

The Childhood Memory

Childhood is the shortest period but the most significant time in our life. I have got a lot of childhood memories. I think the childhood memory in kindergarten was the most impression memory in my mind. I have never forgotten the first day when I went to the kindergarten. I was 3 years old. My father took me to school. Because my father very strange, I didn’t allow to cry. My grandmother, who had taken care of me from I was born to now, was crying a lot when I went to school in the first day. I went to school.

Everything was very strange to me. I didn’t know everybody. Then I saw many children cried. They didn’t want to leave their parent. All of them went to school in the first day like me. When my father left, I didn’t cry. I just stood in one corner and though about my grandmother. I missed her very much. I didn’t want to leave her, but I needed to go to school. Fortunately, the teacher was kind-heated and responsible. They were very friendly. They took care of us extremely well. They didn’t shout to us.

One week ago, I had a lot of friend. After a short time, I got used to the atmosphere of the class. We played with toys, learned to sing and dance, role-played different animal character. When I was four, I took part in a theater club. To celebrate the Teacher Day, we decided to have a play. I was a main character in a play. A play was about two bear went through a bridge. I was one of two bear, I was a white bear. A white bear was walking along the bride when a white bear met a black bear. So we stopped and we had a chat.

It just was a short play but it made us feel very happy. All the people in my family went to my school to see I acted. They were very proud of me. After finishing the play, all the people in the school ground were congratulate us by clapping hands. It was fascinating. I had never had beautiful experience before. I can’t forget the childhood memory. I love my childhood even though I am grown up. I think that was the most impression experience I have ever had. Up to now, I am very proud of me and feel happy when I remember this experience.

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on Childhood Is the Best Part of One’s Life Narrate Your Experience

Why childhood is the best part of life?
Childhood is the best part of life because it is a time of exploration and discovery. It is a time to learn and grow, to make mistakes and learn from them, and to create lasting memories. It is a time of innocence and joy, and it is a time to make lifelong friends.
How do I write about my childhood experience?
Start by reflecting on your childhood memories and experiences. Think about the people, places, and events that had an impact on you. Then, decide which memories you want to focus on and begin writing about them in detail. Be sure to include sensory details and emotions to bring your story to life.
What is your experience in your childhood memories?
My childhood memories are filled with happy moments spent with family and friends. I remember playing outside with my siblings, going on family vacations, and spending time with my grandparents. I also remember the feeling of excitement when I was learning something new or trying something for the first time.
What was the best part of childhood?
The best part of childhood was being able to explore the world around me with a sense of wonder and curiosity. I loved being able to spend time with friends and family, and having the freedom to try new things and make mistakes without worrying about the consequences.

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