Essays on Adolescence

Essays on Adolescence

This page contains a huge base of essay examples to write your own. Adolescence essay is one of the most common types given as an assignment to students of different levels. At first glance, writing essay on Adolescence can seem like a challenging task. But we've collected for you some of the most skilfully written to provide you with the best examples you can find online.

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Informative Essay on Teenage Pregnancy

Introduction The theme I have selected for my portfolio is ‘Teenage Pregnancy.’ According to the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, “Teenage pregnancy can be defined as a teenage girl within the ages of 13-19, becoming pregnant.” My purpose for selecting this theme is to …

AdolescencePregnancyTeenage Pregnancy
Words 122
Pages 1
Cyber bullying Argumentative Essay

Cyber bullying can be defined as the use of information and communication technologies to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behaviour by an individual or group that is intended to harm others. Cyber bullying is mostly conducted by kids that have very early authority to these …

AbuseAdolescenceAggressionBullyingCyber Bullying
Words 1155
Pages 5
Why Violent Video Games Should Not Be Banned

According to certain people, violent video games should be banned; they feel that violent video games are the source of today’s violence amongst children. I strongly disagree with them. Video games, like movies, music and any other form of art, are there to entertain people …

AdolescenceViolenceViolent Video Games
Words 2679
Pages 10
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Family Problems

Family problems, more than money, is top cause of mental disorders Dr. Robin Emsley, speaking recently before members of the Philippine Psychiatric Association, said that the main challenge among psychiatrists is compliance of patients to take medication regularly. Relationship with the family, more than economic …

Words 10223
Pages 38
Unhealthy Lifestyle

CAUSES OF UNHEALTHY LIFESTYLE An unhealthy lifestyle is one of the major contributor to health issue which is growing at an alarming rate issue in whole world as well. People influence their own health through their unhealthy lifestyles such as unhealthy diet,alcohol assumption and smoking …

AdolescenceHealthy LifestyleSleep
Words 271
Pages 1
Pocket Should Be Given to the Teenagers or Not

Yes, they definitely should. Nowadays teenagers are moving to independence and it will help them if they have some practice in managing money. Giving pocket money teaches teenagers to manage money while they are still young and parents can still guide them. Also, it help …

Words 1531
Pages 6
Why Parents Should Let Their Children Make Their Own Choice

Generation gap is an extremely serious matter. The debate between young and older people on who make better choices in life seems to go on forever. This has lead to interferences from adults in their children’s daily activities. Nonetheless, most teenagers remain confident in their …

Words 2716
Pages 10
Is Social Media Making Us Less Social?

Social media is the reason for many of the world’s problems and solutions. It can be used to raise awareness for an important cause, but it can also be used to spread hate. Do you ever wonder how much time per day the average American …

AdolescenceFacebookSelf EsteemSocial Media
Words 1338
Pages 5
Causes and Effects of Peer Pressure

A negative effect of peer pressure is anything that someone forces another to do that makes them feel uncomfortable. It causes young individuals to do things they know is wrong which can be very dangerous. A teenage boy can convince a teenage girl to have …

AdolescenceAlcoholismDeceptionPeer Pressure
Words 724
Pages 3
The Most Memorable Event in My Life

According to my experience, the most memorable event in my life was realizing the significance of being honest. At the age of sixteen, I was not only stubborn but also naive. I always thought that I was a perfect girl who would never have any …

AdolescenceEventEvent in My Life
Words 359
Pages 2
Social Studies Teenage Pregnancy Questionnaire SBA

TITLE: An examination on Teenage Pregnancy in my community TABLE OF CONTENTS  Task 1: Statement of Problem Task 2: Reason for Selecting Area of Research Task 3: Method of Investigation Task 4: Data Collection Instrument Task 5: Procedures for Data Collection Task 6: Presentation of …

AdolescenceCommunityDataSocial StudiesTeenage Pregnancy
Words 667
Pages 3
What’s the Difference Between Childhood and Adulthood

Men face various phases of life. From being just a little fetus inside the mother’s womb, to being a toddler, a child, a teenager and then an adult, these phases are all being faced by any man and woman. And each phase is equally challenging …

Words 1239
Pages 5
Differences When Communicating with Adults, Young People and Children

Explain the main differences when communicating with adults, young people and children: The main differences between communicating with a child, young person or adult is our tone of voice, body language, facial expressions, gestures and the vocabulary we use. We need to adapt these depending …

Words 351
Pages 2
What is the minimum allowance of a college student?

Minimum allowance of a student is base on how much their parents have to give them. We all know that a college student had much greater need than in high school days. We very much interested this issue because every one of us can relate …

AdolescenceDecision MakingMoneyPhilippinesStudents
Words 83
Pages 1
Negative and Positive Effects of Peer Relationships

Possessing a functional or dysfunctional family is of much importance to a healthy development, helping children through peer pressure, acceptance, and the anxiety of belonging. Yet how important is the environment that a child is raised on, this being shared or non-shared? How difficult or …

Words 1428
Pages 6
Teenage Relationship

As a teenager, any romantic relationship you get into will most likely be a casual one because you are probably not at the right age where you are thinking of marriage and ideally the whole point of dating or having a boyfriend or a girlfriend …

Words 1031
Pages 4
How Different Transitions Affect Child Development

Unit 331 5. 1&5. 2 Explain the different types of transitions can affect children’s development and evaluate the effectiveness of positive relationships during periods of transitions. Transitions are the movement or changes from one position, stage or state to another. These changes can be gradual …

AdolescenceChild DevelopmentChildhoodFamilySelf Esteem
Words 611
Pages 3
Impact of Cinema in Life Essay

Cinema is an extremely popular source of entertainment worldwide. Numerous movies are produced each year and people watch these in large numbers. Cinema impacts our life both positively and negatively. Just as everything else in this world, cinema also has positive as well as negative …

Words 3867
Pages 15
Parent and Teen Relationships

Children are raised differently each day. The way parents raise their children can affect them throughout life, and make them who they become as an adult. This is why it is important for parents and teens to have healthy relationships. Some parents whip their children …

Words 103
Pages 1
Is K-Pop a Good Influence or Bad Influence?

What is K-Pop? K-pop or known as Korean Pop is a new music genre that was originally come from South Korea, Asia. Some say K-pop offered another style of music which has catchier and offer easy listening songs for their lovers. What makes it different …

Words 1366
Pages 5
Impact of Technology on Young People

As a kid, I would beg and beg to use the computer. ”No. I’m on Facebook”, my sister would say in exasperation as I moaned at the unfairness of it all. She would sit in the corner of the room for hours upon end, her …

Words 116
Pages 1
Suicide Speech Outline

Speech Outline Topic: Suicide Specific Purpose: To aware people about suicide and help them to find out if someone could be living this awful situation. By being aware all of us could save lives in danger. Introduction: Attention Getter: Suicide is the 3rd leading cause …

Words 1591
Pages 6
The Causes and Effects of Internet Addiction

There are a lot of people today in the world, especially in the Philippines who may have been addicted to different kinds of vices. One of these may probably be called “internet addiction. ” Men and women, even youngsters these days are being pulled out …

AddictionAdolescenceAnxietyInternetInternet Addiction
Words 1799
Pages 7
Essay Summary of Promoting health and well-being

Health and well being can mean different things to different people. Health and well being can be described in different ways like: The achievements and maintenance of physical fitness and mental stability. This is a positive definition of health and well-being. The absence of physical …

Words 2274
Pages 9
Leaders are Born not Made

The essay refutes the view that leaders are born not made, and seeks to establish through valid arguments, illustrations and documented evidence that leaders are actually made and not born Folklore has lulled us into believing that some people are born leaders while others are …

Words 1885
Pages 7
The effects of technology on teenagers

The modern technological world is swiftly changing and advancing before our very eyes. Technology has become part of our every day lives with, mobile phones, laptops, iPods, Wi-Fi spots available nearly everywhere, mp3 players and an enormous array of gaming consoles – there is no …

AdolescenceEffects of TechnologyInternetObesity
Words 858
Pages 4
Are Social Networking Sites Good for Our Society?

Are social networking sites good for our society? Specific Purpose: In today’s lifestyle, it is admitted that Social Network Sites bring convenience, efficiency, fast, speed and width for adolescents’ interpersonal relationship development, but some people don’t know It also brings many negative impacts that social …

AdolescenceInternetSocial Networking
Words 1464
Pages 6
Leaving Home Narrative Essay

Ladies and gentlemen, today I am here to share with you my views on leaving home. Leaving home is a big step. If you are thinking about leaving home, don’t go without a plan, STOP and THINK about what your options are, if you do …

Words 122
Pages 1
Psychological Profile of Elvis Presley

Analysis of Elvis Presley Deborah Cantin Colorado Technical University Partially Resubmitted From Phases 1, 2, 3, 4 IPs Abstract This paper covers a brief biographical and psychological profile that explores the subject’s childhood, work, personal life, lifetime accomplishments, and philosophy. In addition, I will discuss …

AdolescenceChildhoodElvis PresleyMotivationPsychotherapy
Words 3457
Pages 13
Early Adulthood Cognitive Development

Cognition pertains to the acquisition, processing, transformation, storage, and retrieval of any information concerning the world (Louw, Van Ede, and Louw, 1998). This process affects every aspect of our personality. Cognitive processes such as perceiving, conceptualizing, reasoning, remembering, and contemplating are all necessary for us …

AdolescenceAdulthoodCognitive DevelopmentMetaphysics
Words 2003
Pages 8
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Adolescence is a transitional stage of physical and psychological development that generally occurs during the period from puberty to adulthood. Adolescence is usually associated with the teenage years, but its physical, psychological or cultural expressions may begin earlier and end later.


Adolescent psychology seeks to understand teens and help them make the transition from child to adult. To support this development, adolescent psychology focuses on mental health issues for people between the ages of 13 and 19.

Frequently asked questions

What is adolescence essay?
Adolescence is a time of great change. It is a time when young people are growing and developing physically, emotionally, and cognitively. It is also a time when they are exploring their identity, trying to figure out who they are and who they want to be.Adolescence can be a challenging time, as young people are dealing with a lot of new and sometimes confusing emotions. They may feel like they are on an emotional roller coaster, as their moods can change rapidly and they may feel like they are all over the place. This is all completely normal.It is important for adolescents to have adults in their lives who they can talk to and who will support them through this time. Adolescence can be a great time of growth and discovery, but it can also be a time of confusion and anxiety. Having a supportive adult in their life can make all the difference.
What is adolescent in your own words?
Adolescence is the period of life between childhood and adulthood. It generally refers to the years between 13 and 19. Adolescence is a time of physical, psychological, and social change. Puberty, which is the biological process of sexual maturation, is one of the most notable changes that occur during adolescence. As teenagers go through puberty, they experience physical changes, such as an increase in height and weight, and the development of sexual characteristics, such as breasts in girls and facial hair in boys. They also experience psychological changes, such as an increased interest in sex and dating, and social changes, such as more independence from their parents.
Why adolescent is an important?
Adolescent is an important because this is the time when young people are exploring their identity and trying to figure out who they are and where they fit in the world. It's a time of great change and growth, both physically and emotionally. During adolescence, young people are developing the skills and abilities they will need to be successful adults. They are also making important decisions about their education, careers, and relationships.
What is your experience in adolescence?
Adolescence is a time of change and growth. It can be a time of great opportunity, but also a time of confusion and anxiety.I remember feeling like I was in a constant state of flux during adolescence. My body was changing, my emotions were all over the place, and I was trying to figure out who I was and where I fit in the world. It was both exhilarating and scary.There were times when I felt like I was on top of the world, and times when I felt like I was barely hanging on. But looking back, I can see that it was all part of the process of becoming the person I am today.If I could go back and give my teenage self some advice, I would tell her to relax and enjoy the ride. It’s all part of growing up, and there’s no rush.

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