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Swimming: An Important Life Skill

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An Important Life Skill Swimming is a very important and necessary life skill to have; for this reason it should be included in part of the wellness curriculum at Negotiation High School. If a person has the proper knowledge of life saving skills/techniques, he or she will be able to save his or her own life as well as other people. Swimming is also an abundant way of exercise. Lastly, it is a pleasurable activity. Did you know that 3,400 people drown in the US per year? Imagine being one of those people.

Even if it may not be fast, competitive swimming, basic skills are necessary for survival. If you have the ability to be resourceful and can float for a couple minutes you have the power to save your own life. Lifesaving is another crucial skill to have. When someone is close to drowning, he or she might only have a few moments to live. Within those moments, if a person who has been trained in lifesaving skills, he or she would be able to save the drowning victim. When doing so it is important not to make physical contact with the victim or else he or she might take the rescuer down with him or her.

The swimming unit in wellness teaches us how to do so. It also instructs us on the cautions one should take while saving an unconscious victim so it does not result in the victim's neck snapping. Swimming is also a great way of exercise. It does not wear out the Joints so people can use this as a method of exercise even when they become elderly. It is an excellent way to stay in decent physical condition throughout the years. With other sports, people tend to have to give up playing since it often results in Joints starting to ache and wear down. This leads to people having to get urge.

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Swimming: An Important Life Skill

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With swimming, this is a factor that people are not concerned with since joints are never strained. It can also be a pleasurable activity. If your friends all decided to go to the beach and you were the only one who did not know how to swim, most likely, you would not end up having a great time. Learning Just the basic skills of swimming can prevent you from having a bad time at the beach, for instance. There are many sports you can play in the water if competitive swimming is not an enjoyable activity in your opinion. This list of sports include: water polo, volleyball,

Frisbee, etc. It can be inferred that swimming is a very imperative skill to know. It can be used to save another person's life or your own life with a few simple techniques and strokes. Swimming, correspondingly, is an amazing way to exercise and stay in shape through the course of a lifetime since it does not wear out Joints like most other sports do. In conclusion, it is also a great leisure activity. These are Just a few of the ample amount of reasons why swimming is a very important course and should be part of the wellness curriculum at Negotiation High School. By Mauritania

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