Effects of Colonization on the New World

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The effects of colonization on the New World have been a controversial topic for some time. Many historians have debated for centuries about how good or bad colonization was and there are many different aspects that you must look at. Even after all this time the question still stands, unanswered, what is the impact of colonization on the New World. The first thing that the colonists did that had an impact on the New World was trading goods with the Indians. The natives were so unaccustomed to all the new items important and fickle that they would “give valuable things for trifles” just because they didn’t know.

More importantly, however, was the introduction tools and weapons. All the natives were lacking and unaccustomed to every type of iron and weapon that the explorers had brought. This had a large impact on the new world because with the new implementation of these new tools the inhabitants could now work more efficiently and protect themselves better. Tools and weapons were not the only important items that the explorers introduced to the natives that had a great impact. When explorers arrived at some parts of the new world they realized “ they have no fruit trees nor do they know of such.”

When colonists them implemented fruit trees and plants it created a new, more convenient, way of producing and gathering food. Furthermore, the natives of the new world were unfamiliar with fishing. The introduction of this concept also created an easier and much more reliable food source to help the Americas grow and become more advanced. Not everybody agrees that colonization was a positive thing for the New World. The Spaniards in particular caused major damage to the New World.

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“Among these gentle sheep… the Spaniards entered… like wolves, tigers, and lions which had been starving for many days” not only did they enter and kill people to establish dominance but over 500,000 were killed from being transported to Hipiola. All over the country native populations were wiped by new explorers. Not all of the colonists were hostile towards the natives either. Chief Powhatan even composes a speech requesting a friendship of sorts with the natives. He implores that the colonists “sleep comfortably, live quietly with my women and children.”

This shows that the Indians believe the colonists to be people of reason and good deeds if he is wishing to have an alliance with them. He even goes on to say that he wishes to be friends and trade copper and hatchets together. The disease and transportation also didn’t cause a decline in population across the board either. “Some Indian groups are more populous today than in 1492. ” And more importantly we must look at what Columbus and the explorers did as a whole; they created “the single most important event in the emergence of our modern sense that we are all together living on one planet.”

In other, more understandable terms, they brought everybody together as a whole. Lastly, there is a major misconception that must be put straight. People believe that Indians were poor and un-evolved across the whole border. This however is not the case. The city of Tenochtitlan is a great example of this. For one, the city was so advanced they had a ruler who everybody worshiped religiously. He is so highly regarded that when he is addressed people do not look him in the eyes as a sign of respect. Secondly, the city of Tenochtitlan was highly decorated with precious metals and stones.

“Every object…imitated in gold, silver, precious stones, and feathers. ” In conclusion, the New World had many positive impacts as a result of colonization for the Old World. The colonists brought many useful tools and weapons along with new crops for farming and food gathering strategies like fishing. Along with that colonists made some alliances with natives and by doing so brought the whole world closer and more connected as a whole. Of course there are negative impacts but at the conclusion of it all the ends do justify the means.

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