Essays on Imperialism

Essays on Imperialism

Most countries and empires will consider their level of imperialism when figuring out their economic prowess status. Every superpower dream of amassing more land, natural resources, and power over more people and countries. Essays on imperialism are broad and capture all the facts, causes, and effects of imperialism.

An imperialism essay will discuss the "weaker" countries to determine whether imperialism is good or bad for them. Also, the essay will tackle the importance of imperialism to the "stronger" country.

Writing an imperialism essay is not always a walk in the park because there are too many research materials to be compiled. Depending on the type of imperialism that you want to talk about in your imperialism essay, our site will offer a thoroughly researched essay that goes beyond your expectations. Talk to us on your essay about imperialism, and get to experience the magic we deliver! We are here for you.

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Impact of British Colonization on Kenya

The British colonization of Kenya destroyed the culture and economy of the native people, but it established a democratic government and left Kenya a more modernized country. During the 1880’s through 1914, the start of WWI, was an age of imperialism. One place that felt …

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Pages 6
Imperialism of United States in the Philippines

After its defeat in the Spanish-American War of 1898, Spain ceded its longstanding colony of the Philippines to the United States in the Treaty of Paris. On February 4, 1899, just two days before the U.S. Senate ratified the treaty, fighting broke out between American …

ImperialismPhilippinesUnited States
Words 61
Pages 1
Confessions of an Economic Hitman

The reasons as to why I selected this book was heavily weighted on my personal interests. The fact that I am interested in matters of economics, imperialism, capitalism and deception and corruption on a government level, made reviewing Confessions of an economic hit man an …

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Pages 9
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British Imperialism: 1870-1914

There are many historical events that marked the British Imperialism of 1870 to 1914. Great Britain’s African rule was established and consolidated. This was focused mainly in the East and Southern Africa. British won the conflict with the French in Fashoda in 1898. Further, Britain …

British ImperialismEgyptImperialismIndiaNationalism
Words 95
Pages 1
The Spanish-American War and Imperialism

Q5-How did the Spanish-American War turn into a war of imperial expansion? Shawn Lannin 2/26/2013 The Spanish-American War originally started off as The United States protecting Cuba from its Spanish rulers essentially, but quickly evolved into colonial expansion. The war became a war of imperial …

Words 442
Pages 2
The Battle of Vimy Ridge and Its Effect on Canadian Nationalism

Many historians believe that the success of the Canadian Corps in the Great War was a primary source in the development of Canadian nationalism and pride amongst citizens and soldiers. Canada’s identity and reputation evolved on an international scale as a result of Canada’s war …

Words 1093
Pages 4
A Passage to India: Imperialism

Discuss Forster’s portrayal of Imperialism in the novel a passage to India A passage to India by E. M. Forster is a novel which deals largely with the political, economic and social takeover of India by the British Crown. The novel deals widely with colonialism …

A Passage to IndiaColonialismImperialismNovelRacism
Words 1678
Pages 7
Old Imperialism vs. New Imperialism

Imperialism is the spread of control over territories across the globe. The Industrial Revolution and interests in nationalism created a new period of imperialism around 1750. Old imperialism lasted from 1450- 1750, but imperialism alone remained until 1914. Old imperialism and new imperialism shared the …

Words 609
Pages 3
The Scramble for Africa

What were the major historical factors explaining ‘the scramble for Africa’? The scramble for Africa has aptly been described as the golden period of European expansionism in the 19th century. It was an age in which the continents of Africa, Asia and Middle Eastern states …

AfricaBritish EmpireImperialism
Words 2007
Pages 8
AP Us History DBQ

American expansionism in the late 19th century and early 20th century was, to a large extent, a continuation of past United States expansionism, while also departing with previous expansionism in some aspects. During the period of time between the late 19th century and early 20th …

Words 79
Pages 1
Scramble For Africa DBQ

European powers gave the illus. on of choice to the people and then backed them up with torture and bullets when they rises De. African Nations responded to colonization efforts by holding on to their religious bell fees and through militaristic resistance while other just …

Words 472
Pages 2
Theodore Roosevelt’s the Threat of Japan

Document: Theodore Roosevelt: The Threat of Japan, 1909 [At Mt. Holyoke] Introduction: For my history assignment, I chose the document “Theodore Roosevelt’s The Threat of Japan”. After the Meiji Restoration in 1868, modernization took place, bringing Japan to the height of power equivalent to a western …

ImperialismTheodore Roosevelt
Words 1596
Pages 6
Effect of imperialism

Imperialism is when a mother nation takes over another nation and become its colony for political, social, and economical reasons. Imperialism is a progressive force for both the oppressors (mother country) and the oppressed (colony), majorly occurring during the late 19th and early 20th century. …

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Pages 1
The Rise of Colonialism and its Impact on Modern Society

In the middle of the 1 5th century, as the Roman Empire was weakening, the fall of Constantinople marked a bigger impact than anyone could have considered. The Ottoman Empire had reign to advance into the Mediterranean, and that meant that traveling east on land …

Words 1441
Pages 6
Colonization of Africa

Conquests, colonization, the slave trade, and the spread of consumerist society have shaped and formed the grounds for which developing countries find themselves today. The countries of the developing world subjected to colonialism have been faced with a number of impediments throughout the years which …

AfricaColonialismEssay ExamplesImperialismSlavery
Words 1489
Pages 6
Globalization Between Rich and Poor Countries

Globalisation may be the concept of the 1990s, a key by which we understand the transition of human society in to the third millennium. My essay will be focusing on the economic side of it. I will be explaining the MNCs effect on the poor …

Words 1759
Pages 7
John Paul Vann

John Paul Vann is the central character of Sheehan’s book, the character around whom the whole Vietnam War seems to turn. Fearless, misguided, Vann appears to stand for America itself. American ambassador and commanding general were informing the Kennedy administration that everything was going well …

Words 85
Pages 1
History Indian Democracy and British Raj

India’s struggle for independence by Bipan Citandra Indian National Congress Founded. Founded in December 1885 by 72 political workers.  First organised expression of Indian nationalism on an all-India scale A powerful and long lasting myth ‘the safety valve’ had arisen around this question. The myth …

Words 784
Pages 3
Burmese Days: an Example of Imperialism

Burmese Days: An Example of Imperialism Nineteenth century industrialization brought new riches and power to Western Europe, driving the expansion of opportunities and the building of empires in undeveloped territories. Although the developed countries brought many modern technologies to under-developed nations, they also brought fierce …

Words 776
Pages 3
Marketing Plan For Imperial Appliances Plaza

Introduction Marketing plan for a appliances company is not easy. It needs a lot of effort and bloody researches. Doing it is a bit challenging but exciting. Everybody wants decorate their own appliance but the thing is, how can you make them convinced to choose …

AdvertisingImperialismMarketing Plan
Words 501
Pages 2
American Imperialism in the Nineteenth Century

American Imperialism in the Nineteenth Century was a very important era in our country. Imperialism is the acquisition of control over the government and the economy of another nation; usually by conquest. The United States became an imperialistic world power in the late nineteenth century …

Words 732
Pages 3
Economic, political, and social forces that contributed

Imperialism is the domination over an undeveloped country socially, politically, and economically. Imperialism affected many countries. For example, China, India, Africa, and South America were all affected by imperialism. Causes of imperialism are nationalistic motives, military motives, economic motives, and missionary motives. Many nations wanted …

Words 652
Pages 3
Imperialism in Heart of Darkness

Before being published in the present form of the novel, Heart of Darkness was printed in a serial form in 1899 and then part of a volume entitled Youth: A Narrative and Two Other Stories in 1902. Based on Conrad’s own personal experiences after the …

Heart of DarknessImperialism
Words 1325
Pages 5
Women in the Early 19th Century

The American experiment that began as a Republic after ratification of the Constitution created political, social, and economic participation for its citizens, but not for women. The status of women in the early 19th century was shaped by economic considerations, religious beliefs, and long-held notions …

19th CenturyImperialismPovertySocietyVirtueWomen
Words 660
Pages 3
America’s Dilemma and Vietnam

Vietnam War which ended by the Paris Peace Accord in the year 1973, yet it had left incredible marks in the heart of the political domain of America. The statement of Henry Kissinger, “Vietnam is still with us” 1 speaks the volume of effect the …

Words 1494
Pages 6
Do new dependency theories overcome the weaknesses of classical dependency theories?

Introduction Over the century’s, economic development theorist have put forward various models for explaining the “underdeveloped-ness” of countries in the Third World. However, with sociological theory comes criticisms and despite lasting a great deal of time in the framework of the international sphere, classical dependency …

Words 90
Pages 1
Shooting an Elephant Or Definition Of Imperialism

George Charalambous 03/05/2013 English 1030 Research Paper ” If it were necessary to give the briefest possible definition of imperialism, we should have to say that imperialism is the monopoly stage of capitalism now” according to Vladimir Lenin. George Orwell immediately begins the essay ”Shooting …

ElephantImperialismShooting an Elephant
Words 1863
Pages 7
Progressive Era And Imperialism

From 1815 to 1860 Industrialization was a problem in the world in the United States. During Industrialization immigrants came from eastern and western Europe. The reason why it was a problem because the immigrants came unskilled and with no jobs. They were also poor, catholic, …

ImperialismProgressive Era
Words 91
Pages 1
The British Empire: From its Making to its End as a Colonial Power

The British Empire Structure introduction British Empire Introduction to British imperialism Timeline explanations from Empire to Commonwealth Questions to class Sources 1. The British Empire The phrase, “the Empire on which the sun never sets”, has been used with variations to describe certain global empires …

British EmpireColonialismEgyptEmpireEnglandImperialism
Words 1192
Pages 5
Imperialism and Nationalism in World War I

Mr. Johnson Due date: Friday 18th of October 861 words By Matthew Chin World war 1 was ultimately caused by imperialism. Different nations wanted control over more land and to be the dominant nation in Europe. The assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria …

EuropeImperialismMilitaryNationalismWorld War
Words 823
Pages 3
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Imperialism is a policy or ideology of extending rule over people and other countries, for extending political and economic access, power and control, often through employing hard power, especially military force, but also soft power.


The five main motives for imperialism include exploration, economic expansion, increased political power, the diffusion of ideological beliefs, and the spreading of religious beliefs and practices to others.


The word imperialism originated from the Latin word imperium, which means supreme power, "sovereignty", or simply "rule". The term was and is mainly applied to Western and Japanese political and economic dominance, especially in Asia and Africa, in the 19th and 20th centuries.


My analysis is structured according to Lenin's five characteristics of imperialism: (1) the role of economic concentration; (2) the dominance of finance capital; (3) the importance of capital export; (4) the spatial stratification of the world as result of corporate dominance; and (5) the political dimension of the .

Frequently asked questions

What is imperialism essay?
There is no one definition of imperialism. In general, imperialism can be defined as the extension of a nation's power and influence through colonization, use of military force, or economic and political domination. Imperialism can also be seen as a form of capitalism, in which powerful nations or corporations seek to extend their control and profits by exploiting weaker nations or regions.Some historians and political theorists argue that imperialism is a natural and necessary part of the evolution of human societies. They argue that all empires, whether ancient or modern, have been driven by a desire for power, land, and resources, and that this is simply a part of human nature. Others, however, see imperialism as a destructive force that has led to war, oppression, and exploitation.There is no single answer to the question of what imperialism is. However, it is clear that imperialism is a complex and contested phenomenon with a long history.
What is imperialism in your own words?
Imperialism is a form of government in which one country or nation controls another country or nation through economic, political, or military means. Imperialism typically involves a strong country or nation dominating a weaker country or nation.
What are the 5 reasons for imperialism?
There are a number of reasons typically cited for why empires expand and why nations engage in imperialism. 1. Economics: One of the most commonly cited reasons for imperialism is economics. With a larger empire, a nation has greater access to resources, labor, and markets. This can lead to increased wealth and power for the imperial nation. 2. National security: A nation with a large empire may be better able to protect itself from threats. With more territory, the nation has a larger buffer zone and can better defend itself. 3. Prestige: Having a large empire can be seen as a sign of prestige and power. It can also make a nation feel more secure and superior. 4. Religion: In some cases, a nation may expand its empire in order to spread its religion. This was especially common in the past when many empires were based on Christianity. 5. Adventure: For some, the desire for adventure and exploration can be a motivating factor in imperialism. The desire to see new places and conquer new territory can lead to expansion.
What are the 3 main reasons for imperialism?
The three main reasons for imperialism are economic, political, and social.Economic imperialism is driven by a desire for markets and natural resources. Politically, imperialism can be motivated by a desire to extend a country's power and influence. Social imperialism is often driven by a desire to spread a country's culture or to improve the lives of its citizens.

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