Essays on International Relations

Essays on International Relations

Feeling stuck when writing an essay on International Relations? If you are unable to get started on your task and need some inspiration, then you are in the right place. International Relations essays require a range of skills including understanding, interpretation and analysis, planning, research and writing. To write an effective essay on International Relations, you need to examine the question, understand its focus and needs, obtain information and evidence through research, then build a clear and organized answer. Browse our samples and select the most compelling topic as an example for your own!

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The United Nations Should Take Action Against The Genocide In Armenia

There are an infinite number of proposals of action in place for the United Nations to consider concerning the Armenian genocide. In 1915, the genocide in Armenia began on April 24th. This genocide was started by the Turks because they wanted to expel and massacre …

ArmeniaGenocideUnited Nations
Words 949
Pages 4
The United Nations no Longer Fulfils Its Mission

The United Nations (UN) is an intergovernmental global organization that works to promote international co-operation and peacekeeping among nations. It was established on the 24th of October in 1945 following the catastrophic effects of World War 2, in order to prevent similar conflicts in the …

United Nations
Words 1108
Pages 5
Peacebuilding as the Focus of Importance by the United Nations

In any given territory, peace and security are of paramount importance and an arrangement that may help to protect and preserve peace and security is one of collective security. Collective security can be understood as a security arrangement, political, regional, or global, in which each …

PeaceSecurityUnited Nations
Words 1117
Pages 5
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Essays on International Relations
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Free International Relations & Trade Dissertation

 The National Law Centre for Inter-American Free Trade states that industrialised countries attained their status mostly by protecting their intellectual property and enacting protectionist measures, however developing and transitioning economies are being advised to liberalise their markets in order to achieve economic growth in the …

International RelationsRelationTrade
Words 10071
Pages 41
The Role of Transnational Corporations and NGOs in International Relations

The recent increase in the international activities of transnational corporations and non-governmental organizations has challenged state-centric models of international relations to explain the apparent contribution that non-state actors make to the international political system. NGOs influence the international system by introducing principles into discussions on …

CorporationCorporationsInternational RelationsRelation
Words 1307
Pages 6
Religious non-government organisations and the united nations.

Introduction This paper is ultimately regarding two very important sectors of today’s society. As the United Nations is so influential, and the number of religious non-government organizations are increasing, it deserves some investigation. For this paper i will examine two religious non-government organizations, (RNGO) to …

BeliefHinduismReligionUnited Nations
Words 11812
Pages 48
How far has the EU come since the Treaty of Rome (1957)?

Introduction “The European Union has come a long way from the Treaty of Rome 1957. Citing relevant Treaty and Case Law, consider the impact of enlargement on the original principles of the Treaty of Rome.” The European Union (EU) was originally set up with the …

European UnionGovernmentInternational Relations
Words 1645
Pages 7
Foreign Aid Is Good

Foreign aid is economic, technical, or military aid given by one nation to another for purposes of relief and rehabilitation, for economic stabilization, or for mutual defence. Foreign aid is usually granted to developing countries in the third world therefore it is an investment in …

AgricultureForeign AidPovertyUtilitarianism
Words 825
Pages 4
The Role of the United Nations In the World

Abstract The main objective of the United Nations (UN) is to bring every nation together to convey peace and development within the world. The UN is based upon the principle of justice and seeks to provide countries with the ability to address international problems by …

JusticePeaceUnited Nations
Words 2111
Pages 9
Critical Theory and Other Challengers to Traditional Realism in International Relations

ABSTRACT International relations (IR) has traditionally been a field dominated by classical realism (or neorealism) in which states are considered to be the chief actors on the international stage, which is an ‘anarchic’ system where no organizations, institutions or supra-national entities are able to control …

International RelationsRealismRelationTheories
Words 1507
Pages 7
Somalia Piracy

Outline Thesis: Modern seaborne piracy off the coast of Somalia can be controlled by making Somalia more safe and stable, improving the infrastructure, and finding individual or private solutions. Introduction I. Making Somalia more safe and stable A. Starting an effective government B. Establishing higher …

International RelationsPiracyPolitics
Words 1740
Pages 7
Euroscepticism In the United Kingdom

Abstract There are a number of different factors that have caused British political parties to change their policies on the EU, yet it is often very difficult to determine what these are. Whilst some may suggest that it is down to a change in public …

European UnionInternational RelationsPolitics
Words 1294
Pages 6
Africa’s problems

Many African leaders are quick to blame a century of European colonialism for many of the Africa’s problems. Firstly, economic backwardness in most African states could be linked with the economic system inherited by the new African nations from their colonial powers, it is evident …

AfricaInternational RelationsNigeria
Words 1056
Pages 5
Political Unrest in Lybia

Political Unrest in Libya Introduction For the past forty-two years Muammar Gaddafi has been in control of Libya. For the past few months the people of Libya has been involved in a civil war with hopes of Muammar Gaddafi stepping down as the Prime Minister. …

GovernmentInternational RelationsPolitics
Words 2042
Pages 9
Introduction to International Relations

In the context of the idea of “Nationalism”, what are the differences between the Scottish National Party and the British National Party? BODY OF WORK Being today a central issue of the modern world, Nationalism, a term from nasci which means “to be born”, has …

ImmigrationInternational RelationsNationalismRacismRelation
Words 1677
Pages 7


What is the purpose of international relations theory essay?
International Relations (IR theory) theory aims provide a framework to analyze international relations. ... The other type of theory you will find is the critical one. This theory aims to help you become more aware of those situations and give you an emancipatory perspective.

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