Novels Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterisimo by Jose Rizal That Deal With the Abusive Spanish Colonization of the Philippines

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During the 18th century, the Philippines is still facing the abusive Spanish colonization Imprisoned for accused treason, thirty-five years old Jose Rizal was the greatest enemy of the Spaniards in the Philippines, with his outstanding linguistic ability and the interest in the sciences and the literary. Rizal writes a book about revealing the truth to the Philippines. He wrote two novels which are the Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo (One of his main characters is named Crisostomo Ibarra, who also took the name Simoun. ) which shows the drive for our freedom, These are to show the suffering of the Filipino people under the Spanish oppression and the church which had acquired the political power, Rizal’s writing spur the Filipino people but earn the disdain of the Spanish government.

The Governor—General had planned to advance to Bulacan, he says: “We will crush the rebellion’i Bonifacio, Like Rizal he is a nationalist and he’s the revolutionary leader of Katipunan, told his fellow katipuneros to tear up their cedula as a sign of Spanish slavery Meanwhile, the Spaniards tonured Rizal’s brother Panciano for wanting to know the role of Rizal in the rebellion His interrogator said that Rizal knows Bonifacio was the founder of the Katipunan and was accused that he was a traitor like Padre Burgos. “Flashback, Jose Rizal says that his brother Pacial was the one to open his eyes for the injustices in the Philippines; his brother knew Father Burgos and saw his execution.” His mother was framed and was falsely arrested for attempt of poisoning her sister-in- law.

Their family had disagreements with the friars for years and they finally had the chance to teach the family a lesson Pepe (Jose Rizal) was sent to school and was told not to use their family name and was changed to Mercado since the friars might hold it against him, He studied hard in Ateneo and got the attention of his educators early for his intelligence and writing, He criticized a college professor for noting the height difference between superior Spanish and the inferior Philippines, He rises to say that if the height difference is so important then why are there so may Spanish colonies gaining their independence from Spain.” Luis Taviel de Andrade (Taviel), a first lieutenant of the Artillery was sent to Rizal to be his defense council; he didn’t waste time on his case and started intriguing him. In just a short period of time, they captured each other’s sympathy and became friends, Back to 1896, The books that he wrote was banned in the Philippines.

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His brother sent him to Spain in the Central University of Madrid to study medicine, but also so that he can freely write about the situation of the Philippines. Back in the Philippines, friars searches and burned the copies of Rizal’s booki lbarra (one of the characters of the novels that Jose Rizal wrote) was called a traitor because officials involved him in a violent revolti In 1891 the Filipino group of student, calls out for Del Pilar to be the President, Jose Rizal is disgusted since they stand for opposite site on independence. He decided to go back to the Philippines and formed La liga Filipina. Later on, he was deported to the island of Dapitan where he met Josephine, The Governor— General Blanco demands that he should eliminate the rebel, Blanco was later forcefully to banish his title as Governor-General and Polavieja were the new Governor-General. In 1896, there was a revolt against the Spaniards. Rizal receives a letter, he is told about what happened in Calamba.

Since the town people dared to protest against the friars against the misuse of their lands, they were forcefully evacuated out of their homes. Later on, he receives another bad news about Leonora having an arranged marriage to an Englishman which is against her will. The defense counsel tell Rizal that second novel is really sad and dark, he said is becoming like the character of Simoun there is no light- his soul has been corrupted and was told that “You are using your novel to avenge yourself", December 26, 1896 , Rizal was sent to Royal Audiencia (the colonial court of appeal) to hear the trial, He later learned that it was decided to condemn him under a firing squad. Bonifacio wants to save Rizal but Rizal‘s brother Paciano is opposed to it, At the night before the execution, Rizal started hallucinating, seeing his alter ego— protagonist Simoun that he has made in his novel El Filibusterismo tempting him to change the climax of the story.

On the morning of the execution, his family received a small alcohol stove, containing his last poem “Mi Ultimo Adios”. Rizal asked the authorities for the last request as he faces the firing squad but the request is denied He altered his request to save his head during execution and the captain agrees, At the minute the shooting squad points at his back, he readily voiced his final words: Consummatum est. (It is done!) That fuelled the Katipunan and Bonifacio to fight back, they ambushed the Spanish Soldiers, and they have captured a church and killed a friar in an act of revenge for the execution of Rizal, Although this is an old film but it really is interesting to watch it. The film has power and left a great impact on how we see our freedom, education and humanity.

These two lines are the ones that really marked on me : In a Madrid pub, he says "Unless we first learn self—respect, we will not be respected by any other peoples." After having the death sentence, his barrister says he is ashamed as a Spanish Rizal says, "No, we are the same human beings." Although this film is great there are a bit of concern about this, about the sexual part of the movie, maybe it should have been toned down since this film is great for teaching the students and make them understand more than just reading a book. They can learn what happened, what events took place, and what events they were involved in when they were still alive Lastly, I am a bit lost, why there‘s a conflict between the friars and Rizal’s family even way before? or how did it started?

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