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I have a retail outlet for ready-made fashion garments in the middle of the city. The type of clothing offered from the retail outlet is for Women and children. The retail outlet stores variety of fashion clothing like ethnic wear, formal wear, casual wear, clothing winter wear, summer collection for women, and kids. The retail store offers readymade designer ware for women, where the customer places an order for customized design. The process of ordering involves a customer entering the store, making contact with the store manager to enquire about the facility of customized design.

Then a tailor will take the measurements of the customer according to the pattern chosen and then deliver the ordered piece on due time. Though the current process does not have any problems in order taking and delivery, the store could not capture the full potential of the advantageous service. Now the store is expanding its business service and is trying to figure out a solution to cater the customized designing of fashion dressing. Business Need The retail store’s manual activities for the customized orders have limited scope and are drawing limited revenue.

But the demand to the customized dress orders in the area is very high and is to be captured irrespective of the geographical locations. Now the store is able to attract the local and very near customers who can walk in to the store. But the outside and far away customers are ordering through the Telephone are not able to order the dresses frequently and are also not able to give the details of the customized patterns very specifically. This is resulting in the low business and poor customer satisfaction and lack of persistent customer flow.

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Solution: The proposed solution for the retail clothing store is an online presence through an e-commerce web site. The proposed solution of web site offers a chance to publish the service to the global customers as well as gives an ability to handle the order taking and order processing very effectively. The website will have the functionalities of web catalogues that advertise the stock in shelves as well as the design patterns that can be delivered up to the customer satisfaction. Also the website gives the customers a facility to choose the designs, color, pattern of their dress and give their measurements accordingly.

Simultaneously customer can pay for the order instantaneously and can track the progress of the order. The objectives of the project The website project will be executed on the following objectives:

  • To have global reach to the customers
  • To promote its products
  • To establish a global brand name
  • To have an efficient order processing system Assumptions

In order to execute the project, the following are assumed to be with the retail store.

Computers for each order processing department are available with proper configuration of hardware and software and are in working condition. People from the Design & Tailoring department are computer literates.

The business unit has access to internet with sufficient bandwidth for multiple users People or departments that need to be involved in this project. For the e-commerce website project the people to b involved are as follows:

  • Project administrator or manager for the project management
  • Business Analyst to bring out the required specifications in detail to the retail unit
  • Programmer analysts to design and develop the e-commerce website coding
  •  Database administrator and designers to maintain the database of transactions of website
  • Website graphics designer who gives appropriate and fine layout to the website

In house network administrator to look after the computer configurations to maintain the project

In house website maintenance people to maintain and update the regular website updates for catalogues and order entry process Departments . To keep the website up-to-date with all web catalogues on recent products and to maintain functionality from time to time the following departments has to work out continuously on the project

- Design and tailoring department to prepare the latest designs in the market

  • The database administration department

The System administration department to keep the network and servers in place and to give regular maintenance for the computers software installations.

The project maintenance department to regularly update the web catalogues and order processing queries Risks Involved in the project The probable risks involved in the proposed e-commerce website project are as follows:

Resistance to change and adopt from the in-house people to work under new technology

  •  All the current experts with the business unit may not have technical proficiency to browse the internet and to carry the work that come through online ordering process
  • As the data is all resident on the internet, there will be security risks to transaction data
  • Virus threat to the system that are in use with the in-house maintenance and hacking problems on the internet that make denial of services to the customers
  • Lack of good presentation on the web and lack of promotional skills on the internet may not drive sales from the internet.
  • The project development and maintenance is costly than the current system Salient features as Project

The current proposal can be treated as a project as it has the following ingredients in it:

  • There is a purpose and objectives of the entire process
  • There is an involvement of people
  • There is an involvement of Cost - Risk is identified


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