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Banking System and Management Project Proposal

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THE UNIVERSITY OF LAHORE CS 2135- OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING | Semester Project Proposal| | | Course InstructorAbid Bashirabid. [email protected] uol. edu. pk| Guidelines for Project Proposal 1. Title Page: | Day| | Month| | Year| DATE| | | –| | | –| | | | | PROJECT TITLE:| | STUDENT INFORMATIONWrite down the detail of all group members in BLOCK LETTERS ONLY. | GROUP LEADER: | Sr No. | Student ID| Name| Program| Email id (Optional):| 1. | | | | | 2. | | | | | 3. | | | | | 4. | | | | | Course Instructor’s Remarks:| | Course Instructor’s Signature:| | Date:| | 2. Project Summary (should not be more than half a page):

The goal of this section is to present the reasons for doing this project as well as stating all of the project's objectives. In this section in particular it is very important to write concisely and clearly.. Before you begin writing you should be able to answer the following questions: * Why are you doing this project? * What will you be doing? * How will you be doing it? * Who will be doing it (Describes the roles of individual group members in the project? * How long will it take? 3. Project Objectives: State the major goals to be acquired at the end of the project.

Moreover, this section should further highlight the final outcomes achieved at successful development of the project. The overall objective should be as follows: The explanation would include a discussion of not only what you intend to do, but also a justification of what you will not do (in other words, what your audience might assume that you will do). You might consider having a paragraph for each objective. 4. Project Methodology: This sections details the plan for how the project objectives will be achieved. It usually starts with a description of the overall approach.

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Banking System and Management Project Proposal

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Then it provides details on methodology, the target audience, and how major problems will be managed. 4. 1 The Project Approach Summary: Write a few short paragraphs or bullet points on your overall approach to the project. Include how the project team will be organized, what development and collaboration languages will be used, and how the plan will be updated along the way. 4. 3. Work Breakdown: Make a list of tasks and major functionalities that will be performed for this project, make sure the list is detailed enough to cover the major features to be involved within the project.

Therefore, make a comprehensive list of detailed functionalities that would be performed in the relevant project. In technical terms, you are also required to include the names of possible classes to be involved within the project. The following sample table can be used to identify the major sections/features that would be performed in the project: Section No. | Section Name:| Section Description (includes major functions to be performed):| Deployment Status | Remarks| | | | | | * Keep the Deployment Status ; Remarks column empty.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You would be finally evaluated against the mentioned and approved sections along with the relevant functions associated with each section. Therefore, try to be precise and realistic in highlighting the relevant functionalities of the related project. 5. Responsibilities of Team members: In a paragraph for each person, establish the team responsibilities for the project. Highlight any specific sections or tasks related with the project that would be performed by each group member.

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