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Research Proposal

Essay Topic:

 Proposal for Research Study Factors affecting the success rate of microfinance in Economic students association funding project By GROUP SEVEN th November 2010 DECLARATION We hereby declare that this research proposal has not been submitted to any other institution for any academic qualification. By Group 7 members Date 4th November 2010 DEDICATION This proposal is dedicated to the ESA for it’s fully support in ensuring the success of the project. TABLE OF CONTENTS Cover page Declaration Dedications Table of content Abstract Chapter one 1. 0 Introduction 1. 1background of the study 1. 2statement of the problem 1. 3 purpose of the study 1.

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4Research questions 1. 5Significance of study 1. 6 scope of the study 1. Limitations of the study Chapter two 2. 0Literature review Research methodology 3. 0Research design 3. 1Study area 3. 2Data collection 3. 3Instruments of data collection 3. 4Data analysis and presentation 3. 5Methodology 3. 6Research tools Chapter four 4. 0Conclusions 4. 1Recommendations Appendix ABSTRACT The main problem that this proposal tends to address is the factors that affect the success rate of the ESA micro finance project. CHAPTER ONE 1. 0Introduction ESA was formed in 1987 to support student’s effort in their economic development and promoting economic excellence.

It further had to come up with a program for aiding the needy students by providing microfinance. The objective of the program is to make the finances accessible to students with financial constraints. 1. 1Background of the study Since the formation of ESA it has gone through different stages. On the basis of learning by doing method this program incrementally improved in term of management, process, implementation and replication aspects to develop as a micro finance model by successful implementation and then replication to other areas.

A proposal is needed to document this process with the identification and analysis of the effects that will affect the success rate of coming up with the project. 1. 2Statement of the problem The research will investigate the effects of the success rate of the project to be funded by ESA so as the needy students will achieve aid for their continuity in their academics. 1. 3Purpose of Study The purpose of the Study will be to document the microfinance model building and to identify the effects that affect the success rates of the program and processes in this learning by doing method of improvement.

This study will try to explain the circumstances through which this program faced different issues and problems related to the management process, loan appraisal, recovery system, write off policies. In this context, this study will provide way to strengthen and broaden financial sector to address constraint practices and strategies among members. 1. 4Research question Upon the conclusion of the research, the following are the questions the researcher will have provided answers for; 1. What are the benefits of the project? 2.

Why the funding should be done to the needy? 3. What are the factors affecting the project? 4. What are the effects of the project? 1. 5Significance of this study * To provide initiatives and capacities of needy students to survive and improve their academics and kind of support they need in the university. * This study will provide a way to strengthen and broaden financial sector to address poverty reduction practices and strategies among the members. * It will enlighten other associations to offer microfinance assistance to their members. 1. 6The scope of the study

The study will be carried out within ESA Moi University Main Campus to determine the factors that will lead to success of the proposed funding project. 1. 7Limitations of the study Some of the limitations include; 1. Lack of adequate time to cover all the members of ESA. 2. The members do not like to discuss personal issues. 3. Lack of cooperation from the members. 4. Lack of adequate funds to carry out the research. CHAPTER TWO LITERATURE REVIEW In this chapter we shall discuss the factors that affect the success rate of the microfinance project. They include; a) Trustworthy

This is the ability of members to be trusted by the Association during allocation of finance. For a person to be trusted he/she should be responsible, honest, sincere, person of high integrity and accountable for the liability. b) Misappropriation of funds and corruption This is a way in which the top management of the association misuses the funds available to fund the needy students. This arises through use of the money for personal gains. For instance the association can outsource funds from charitable organizations and donors which would have been used to finance the needy students, the management misuses the funds. ) Recovery time of the funds This is the time whereby the borrowed finance can be refunded back. This time depends on the financial ability of the borrower. A more financially stable member is therefore given a limited time to repay and members who delay to refund the amount back may then bring inconveniences to the Association hence the financing progress may be affected.

d) Adequacy of funds An association with adequate funds will always find it easy to provide loans to the needy members of the association. These funds can be raised from; * Membership subscriptions * Renewal of membership * Well-wishers Grants and donations from big organizations * The university itself. e) Commitment of the members This is whereby a member is considered better of others when he/she is an active attendant to the Association. This can be approved by regular payment of subscription and participation in all ESA activities. This will result to success of the project. f) Biasness and Favourism This is a situation where the top management of the Association tends to treat other members more importantly than others. This is clearly shown when a top management have vested interest in their friends and relative as opposed to others.

This would bring a variation when it comes to issuing the funds. CHAPTER THREE This chapter will explain and describe the research design, study area, data collection methods, data analysis and presentation. 3. 0Research design It will be a descriptive of cross sectional design whose aim is to solicit information on factors affecting the success of the microfinance project. 3. 1The study area The study is supposed to be carried out in Moi University Main Campus within the members of ESA. 3. 2Data collection This is a process by which information is obtained from the subject of the study under research. . 3Instruments of data collection The research instrument that will be used in collecting data for its study as follows: 1. Interviews 2. Questionnaires 1. Interviews An interview is a set of questions that the researcher asks the respondent to gather reliable and relevant information. It can be structured or unstructured, in structure interview; the researcher asks predetermined questions while in unstructured interviews there are no predetermined questions to be answered. 2. Questionnaire These are designed set of questions written in a systematic order.

The questionnaire can be either open ended or closed ended and they need to be simple and clear. Questionnaires will be convenient since it is a large number of samples at short time and its information is accurate and reliable. 3. 4Data analysis and presentation Data collected was edited to block any possible errors before analysis. The researcher will analyze the data to show how many members are needy and from this data will be analyzed manually. 3. 5Methodology The methodology of the study will be to explain the process of changes through analysis of secondary data, interviews and focus group discussions. . 6Research Tools 1. Secondary data which includes the ESA Constitution 2. Interviews from different sections of ESA management 3. Focus group discussions from the group seven members CHAPTER FOUR 4. 0 CONCLUSION It is therefore correct to conclude that ESA microfinance should be a supportive source of funds for the needy students in the economics students association. 4. 1RECOMMENDATION i. Measures should be put in place to curb students who practice dishonesty. ii. The microfinance committee should not be corrupt while giving out the loans. iii.

Microfinance should be sent to institution faster to avoid inconvenience for the student. APPENDIX I RESEARCH TIME FRAME Below is the time schedule which will be used which will be used to conduct the research. Time Activity 28th Sept. to 29th Sept. Proposal writing 30th Sept. to 2nd Oct. Preparation of instruments 3rd Oct. to 5th Oct. Pre-testing instruments 7th Oct. to 10th Oct. Data collection 12th Oct. to 16th Oct. Data analysis 18th Oct. to 24th Oct. Report writing 4th Nov. Submission of final report APPENDIX II

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