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Good morning, one and all! Today’s debate is quite interesting, as we are the victims, rather the part of the society who sees it very closely than the rest. Now, frankly speaking, within each one of us, somewhere or the other we feel, very strongly feel , that board exams are a curse or rather some dangerous, ferocious animals. Truly the very spirit of examination aims at something noble, but unfortunately the implementation process is very unrealistic.

The present examination systems, as I said are very unrealistic, and moreover focus on the core subject of ‘Writing based on Memory’; there isn’t any scope for a child to enhance his/her creativity, there is always an obstruction on the out-of-box thinking. The child along with his parents suffer from acute tension, anxiety and fear during the period of exams, that lead to a very different mental status of a child, and is a symbol that the child is stressed out.

It is not possible, to judge a student’s capacity in a mere 3 hour exam, How can it be possible that a 3 hour exam will foretell a student’s future? And that, this so called board exam be the only parameter to judge a child’s ability. It is really insane to say that, I feel. And moreover, its pure gambling at times, like it depends on the question, and the child’s preparations that coincide to give a better outcome. Sometimes it does and sometimes not. Mentioning draw backs of the exams will lead me to write a novel full of reasons.

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Present education system encourages cramming, unnecessary expenditure on help books and also encourages private tuition which has resulted in mushrooming of a large number of tuition shops in every city and even small towns by inexperienced tutors, with a lure to make huge turnovers... Einstein once said and I quote “Every animal has their own talent, but if we judge a fish with its ability to climb tree, It lands to be a failure, always” This is what, board exam does, It tries to judge the memory power, and the power to reproduce the answers on the exam paper, It is a mechanical approach to test a human’s knowledge and not a holistic way.

Now, I would like to ask you, what basically is exam!? Some may say, it’s an art to reproduce things on the exam paper, and yes truly it is! But what is the process involved? Do we give importance to that!? No, some of us might have cheated, used unfair means in the exam, and would come out bravely and speak ‘See I cheated and was undetected” we take credit for this, and here, the basic aim of board exams comes down breaking ! This symbolizes, and I conclude that board exams, or any Exam that focuses on memory, never helps the child in a long run.

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