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The problem between students and the text exams.

The problem between students and the text exams is that, somehow exam sometimes makes the students which, they are taking the exam, make them nerves and they feel that, they are lost in the exam and they should looking for the successful and the easiest way to find their self and how to be the top one in the exam.This paper is about, the situation of taking exams and the advantages and disadvantages of text exams and quiz exams.

However, It seems to be that, the only ay to differentiate between the clever students and the lazy one, and If you have a lot of students in one class, for example forty to fifty students in same class, is that, the students have to take the text exams or quiz exams, maybe this is how the teachers or principles think of it, or however, this is the only way to be clear for them which one is the best among them.

As it show that If you were In a large class of say fifty students then I’m quite sure that you would use testing a lot, not only for speed but also because it’s a way of controlling students, ND let’s be honest, class control is a problem if you have fifty students in the class.So there are good reasons why teachers use tests, but we have to see that they cause more and more learning problems as the students get older (Interviews , 2003, paragraph 8, line 4).

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As the Interview go on to point out. His Is the only way to separate Clever and Lazy students, and that is all they have to do it. Whatever goes, it is not true to be said that all students are equal or they have the same ability, maybe some are so clever and some others are lazy. But in fact, why students are going to be lazy, I mean what is the reason behind this, maybe those students are not lazy as it seem to be, or they are not lazy In nature. But It must be something that makes some students good and some others bad.

Here as It Is clear In the (Interview 1, 2003, paragraph 8, line 1)” But what has made the students lazy? They’ve learned to become compliant, dependent and helpless” as we see it is so clear where are the problems of students being lazy. If you want to help the lazy students, the only way for that is that, starting from the age when they are about to learn things. What has to be said is that, they must be thinks by their own mind, not what they have been told to do, or how they learnt to thinking.

However, they have to forget the teacher’s Idea and began with themselves Idea. Paragraph 7, line 5. Moreover, mark is the only things that students tries to take, nothing more. If there are no marks for taking exams, then, there is nothing worth to take exams at all. All students are seeking how they can get more grades, not for learning things, not for developing, Just grades and how to be the top students. The Interview states that o get on with some real learning…. But my problem is that I think that what they are also learning are bad learning habits.

Let’s be honest here, they’re only learning for the sake of the marks, for the sake of the test. If you take the test away then I can guarantee that they’ll not be bothered to learn as much. Here, as it is mentioned marks are all what students working for it, and that is worth to study for it. Together, this evidence suggests that, there are problems for the text exams for the teachers and students at all. The teachers are doing what the reminisces ordered to them, and the students follows what the teachers touts them.

And in another hand which is the big problem is that, a huge number of students in one room or class. That is to say, the resolution or how to fix the problem is that, from the beginning of student’s age should be starting how to be independent and thinking, and a huge numbers of students must be fixed with opening new class for them, and no more than twenty students. For the rules it should be there is a way how to fix it, the way that remove the pressure upon both teachers and students.

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