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Why do the students cheat on the exams?

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 Just like any other society, we have crime and dishonesty and amongst all , students' cheating is just one of the appearances of these . Firstly I'd like to specify a clear definition And remind of what exactly is exam and why is it an inseparable part of the education Cause I believe that we should have a clear image of what we are doing and why are we doing it in order to be a professional .

In education an examination is a test provided to see if the person who wants to take a degree or special certificate is capable of being taken that certificate or not. " adopting this definition we conclude that taking an exam is a requirement of receiving a degree. So this can be first motto for this essay "no exam,no degree ; no degree,no exam. " Students have different motives for study , they study In their specific majors as engineers-to be , translators-to be , accountants-to be , etc . They have to learn essential materials to be a standard engineer , translator , accountant , etc . W we successful expert and the other case in which the student is Just trying to get the degree and is not into learning the major and getting a good expert , however shocking , but this case is very frequent in Iran universities . And I think it is caused by disagreement of education and Jobs taken by graduates . By dropping the second group out of analyze circle ,we have the students who really want to learn things they have to learn during education period , and the intention of the writer is to inspect these students' cheating and express why they tend to cheat in this step . Titer believes that in standard context they will study well with no dishonesty and therefore will get the degree with no cheating. But life is never perfect and problems like emotional problems and financial affect students' life and these problems in the life tend to ruin the plan of study. And makes the student to miss the deadlines , most of the students in order to not miss the deadlines decide to use their last weapon And cheat . Because in this situation if they don't cheat they'll ruin the whole schedule of their education.

They cheat and they pass the exam with n acceptable mark, and seemingly everything is okay. But in the next semesters the hidden wound in the body of education, shows up. With no time to cure it. And this is where a dishonest solution, makes the problem deeper. But encountering deadlines is not always the same in every student. There are some foresighted students who by missing the deadline seemingly ruin the plan but in fact they strengthen it by keeping it pure.

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Why do the students cheat on the exams? essay

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