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Marketing has been one of the main targets for the company. ExxonMobil Gas & Power Marketing is one the company’s affiliated sectors that is non-government controlled with its offices in Leatherhead for the European region and aggressively markets natural gas. The company’s effort to divide its business functions into semi-independent sections and companies is in the effort to ensure specialized, custom, efficient and effective operations management. The United Kingdom is one of the highest consumers of natural gas and the ExxonMobil supply gives about 21% of the consumers needs.

Not only does the company sell the gas directly to the consumers but it also sells to other companies that resell the product to the consumers. Through joint ventures the company is able to supply its products to consumers in areas where it may not be possible to locally get the products through local production. The ExxonMobil refining stations facilitate the company’s ability to have supply and logistics efficiencies way past those produce by the physical combination of services and facilities.

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This strategy enables the company to enhance decision making processes on its crude procurements, inventory management and overall company operations. For the fuels and marketing sections, the company employs various strategies that are aligned with the line of business; Esso, Mobil and Exxon. ExxonMobil is also one of the leading producers of petroleum specialty products such as waxes for coatings and candles, process oils essential for production of such products as synthetic rubber, as well as asphalt for road paving and roofing worldwide.

ExxonMobil’s strategic marketing process is seen in the way it aligns its brands with the flexible needs of customer segments. Mobil is one brand that is focused towards the consumers in need of high performance while Exxon/Esso are brands aimed as satisfying the consumer demand for reliability and efficiency. To a worldwide customer base of over 1 million, ExxonMobil’s markets, supplies and sells its fuel products and services through three business-to-business segments namely; the Aviation, Marine as well as Industrial and Wholesale sectors.

ExxonMobil Chemicals ExxonMobil is one of the leading producers of petrochemicals. Being one of the leading producers of olefins, the basic petrochemical building blocks worldwide, ExxonMobil is also the leading supplier of polyolefins that include; polyethylene and polypropylene. In addition, the company is one of the major producers of paraxylene, one of the fastest-growing petrochemicals, and benzene which is a primary building block for various products.

The company also holds leading positions in varied portfolios of a range of specialty business lines that include, but are not limited to, petroleum additives, butyl polymers, ethylene elastomers, oriented polypropylene film as well as adhesive polymers. The main source of the company’s success can be commonly attributed to its strategy resulting from its ancient practice of situating its key chemical plants right adjacent to world-class refineries that in turn provide economical feedstocks and paves way for products that are not only extensive economically attractive but also meet the customers’ needs.

Being one of the world’s leading supplier of lube basestocks as well as the largest worldwide marketer of lubricants, ExxonMobil’s attributes its success to the unwavering supported it gets from its highly trained and skilled field workforce, well developed distribution system/network as well as the great supply chain. The company’s supply chain is broad so as to include a group of 13 lube basestock refineries and 48 blend sites which in turn enable ExxonMobil to deliver delivers high-quality end products and application proficiency to its valuable customers worldwide.

Having regional complexes, the company’s world scale manufacturing sites, is one other competitive advantage that ExxonMobil has implemented to serve customers in rapidly growing regions such as Canada, United States, Netherlands, UK, and Belgium Saudi Arabia and Singapore in the Asia Pacific. This is a strategy that is mainly targeted at offering capacity to satisfy every regions customer preferences while affirming the company’s commitment to offering high quality products development expertise as well as competitive proprietary processes.

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