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Work Culture Preferences

My work culture preference results indicate I prefer high powered, well resourced, and ethical jobs. My preferred high powered attributes of a job would consist of high salaries, career advancement, and learning new skills. My preferred attributes of a well resourced job would include a being a safe work environment and comfortable atmosphere.

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My preferred attributes of an ethical job would include being fair, making a difference in people’s lives, and have a social and environmental responsibility. Being aware of my culture preferences will make me a better employee in helping to achieve my organization’s goals.

In my previous paper I stated that career compenticies were following instructions, organizing, and delivering results. My results from these surveys are essential in assisting my to evaluate their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats know as a strength, weakness, opportunity, and threats (SWOT) Analysis as well as developing operational and strategic plans. I can use these results to help develop teams within my organization that will help to create and implement the necessary changes or goals for the organization that promotes growth, stability and renewal opportunities based off a SWOT Analysis.

The results from a SWOT analysis are essential to growing a business. I want a high powered position, I am organized, I believe in fairness and ethics, and I can deliver results. My career plan competencies and work culture preference results indicate that I would add value to the SWOT Analysis process by helping develop an organization’s goals and plans with the results. To be successful in an organization, I need to use my talent to my advantage which could include a higher position and bigger salary.