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Work culture preferences are an important part of a competency assessment because it gives the user suggestions as to where they will achieve the highest level of potential in a work setting. Knowing your ideal work culture can help in developing strategic and operational plans to achieve your organizational goals by illustrating how you perform as a manager. So, for instance, if the skeleton of a manager is represented best by the four functions of planning, organizing, leading and controlling.

Then the flesh surrounding the skeleton of the manager would be the work culture preferences. The results of my work culture assessment are indexed in three categories. The first of these categories is supportive. My assessment shows that I have a considerate management style with no conflicting demands. Focus is placed on the employees and goals & expectations are represented as being clearly defined. The focus is on the welfare and personal development of the employee with lots of recognition and celebrations of success.

Secondly, my well resourced category shows that a comfortable, well-designed and safe work place is of importance to me. This category also states that all the necessary resources to provide a higher standard of work would be made available to the members of my teams. Finally, the high powered category lists there will be the likelihood of rapid promotions, high salaries and other benefits for team members although, the job will be demanding. One specific study often used in business is called a SWOT analysis.

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The word SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The two competencies necessary to conduct a SWOT analysis are: internal represented by the strengths and weaknesses and external represented by opportunities and threats. My competencies relate to the internal and external competencies in many ways. My strengths indicate that I’m supportive and considerate. That’s an important factor to consumers in today’s market because it shows that I’m able to relate to their wants and needs.

The opportunity for team members to learn new skills and work in different environments is encourage in an effort to strengthen the management team. According to this competency assessment what could appear as my weakness and/or threat wasn’t easily identifiable. However, I could assume that an organization with no focus, sloppy performance and unrealistic goals wouldn’t be the most desirable position to me. Why, because that management style is the exact opposite of what I’d bring to the table.

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