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Cultural Adjustment & Transition in Yale

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The freshmen 'Imports' arrived at Yale on Sunday. It says as much on the blue tee shirts that can be seen all over campus, worn by the Incoming International class of 2018. The international students have arrived a week earlier than their American peers, as a part of OSI (Orientation for International Students), a Yale program designed to make the transition into American culture as easy as possible. The program is certainly a necessity, as last year, non-American scholars made up 18% of Yale's student body, according to a 2014 census by Yale's Office of Institutional Research.

Now, some of those students are helping the new ones settle Into the campus and learn about the surroundings. Advances Tendon, a rising sophomore, is an OSI councilor this year. The councilors take students on tours, talk to them about their academic choices, and even set up scavenger hunts for them all over campus. "In the evenings we do icebreakers," says Tendon, "To help build a sense of an international community here. " He says he's glad he can help, as he knows how many of the new students feel. "l was very nervous when I first came, as I'm sure they are too.

There's his Idea that American students have a head start, and I think OSI definitely helps international students to catch up, and settle into and adopt the culture. " Tendon is right in saying that many students are nervous when they first arrive. Yonder Sharpe, from Katmandu, says she feels a bit overwhelmed by everything. "For me, and a lot of other people I think, the American way of life is very different than we are used to. " Yonder Isn't alone In her culture shock. For Andre Melt, an Incoming freshman, the food and weather will be hard to get used to. "The weather Is more dry here.

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It's humid in Brazil, and I'm really concerned about the winter here; lye heard it's very hard. " A student from Singapore, who wished to remain anonymous, is nervous for slightly different reasons. "I'm not familiar with the slang here? I didn't know what 'hell dope' and 'Rachel' meant before I got to Yale. " However, the transition Isn't all that nerve-racking. The students have also been having a lot of fun. Luck Eros, from Budapest, Is amazed by all the people she's been meeting. "l think it's crazy how we come from so many different places around the world, and we've all ended up here at Yale together.

I am really excited for the year, and to meet more people. " Edwin Prince, from Sacra, feels the same way. "l have learned so much, not Just from my councilors, but from the other students, who come from all over the world. I want to do a lot of extra curricular activities, to try new things, and meet new, Interesting people. " So far, the students have been getting to know the town, and the services and facilities that Yale provides. Roy Random, from Zombie, and Laurence Bushfire's, from London, were on their way to the Yale Health Center. "l Just opened a POP Box, and a bank account," said Roy.

We've also taken a tour of Yale, and it looks very interesting. I am expecting to have a lot of fun here. " According to Yuppie Guy, a takes some getting used to. "At first, I was not used to the whole social scene at Yale, because I'm from a fairly conservative area in China," said Yuppie about her freshmen experience. "Now I have found my balance between the extremes of social life and my school work. " Guy advised the incoming freshman to, "Be proud of who you are, but be accepting of other cultures. Stick to your principles but be flexible. All of the incoming students are going to have a great year ahead. "

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