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Time Management and Transition

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Independent decisions and is financially independent. The Journey from adolescence to adulthood can be an exciting adventure but it may also be extremely stressful. Planning strategies to deal with potential obstacles will help with the transition from adolescence to adulthood.

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Planning for your transition from school to career, family home to own home, family to community, or others care to self care will ensure that you will have a successful transition from adolescence to adulthood.

The transition from school to career can be extremely stressful for students, particularly if the student still hasn’t chosen a career in which they want to pursue. It is imperative that you make wise decisions in your adolescence, as their outcome can have a major impact on your life when you become an adult. Life skills such as time management and organization are key elements in preparing for a successful and non-stressful transition from adolescence to adulthood.

Students with impeccable time management skills will ensure that they are never late for school and for their Job and will always avoid procrastination at all costs. Ways in which students can improve their time management skills are to stop procrastinating, prepare lists such as “To- Do Lists”, and delegate responsibilities. The transition from family home to own home is dependent after the successful transition from school to career has occurred.

This is an exciting moment in your life where you finally get to live away from home. For some people, this transition may be stressful as they’re not used to being away from home, whereas others find that this transition to be quite enjoyable as theyre no longer living at home in their parents’ house. This transition provides a feeling of great independence and interdependence. Imperative life skills that must be learned for this transition to be successful and non-stressful are good..

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