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Get ‘Insights: Reflections From 101 of Yale’s Most Successful Entrepreneurs’ eBook Free for a Limited Time

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Entrepreneurship is about having an idea and then figuring out how to make it a reality. Start today by grabbing a free copy of 

INSIGHTS grants you access to some of Yale’s leading entrepreneurs and the key learnings they’ve collected on their journeys. From founders of Fortune 500 companies such as FedEx, to the next generation of entrepreneurs like Thiel Fellows, to early investors in Apple, Cisco, Facebook, and other billion dollar startups, INSIGHTS is a collection of the best advice offered by a diverse group of leaders and innovators. 

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Get ‘Insights: Reflections From 101 of Yale’s Most Successful Entrepreneurs’ eBook Free for a Limited Time

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The 101 featured contributors reveal:

  • Lessons learned the hard way
  • How to avoid common pitfalls
  • The way to lead your company toward more streamlined success
  • A unique library of knowledge available to reference as often as you need

The style of this book is a collection of easily-digestible stories grouped by topic, and the topics are roughly ordered in the stages of creating a business. Many of the suggestions, hints, tips, tricks, and warnings p more than one topic.

Thinking about starting your own company? Trying to improve your organization? Whatever you are creating from scratch, you will find something in this book that helps you achieve success -- and for substantially less than the cost of Yale tuition. 

Note from the author Chris LoPresti: My personal experience at Yale led me to appreciate the strong network of successful alumni the school has created over its more than 300-year history. Once you begin your journey down the rabbit hole of entrepreneurship, you’ll quickly discover that time is your most precious resource. My goal for this book is that their experiences (successes and mistakes), will help you avoid pitfalls, make better choices, and use the time you save to make your company or organization even better.

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