Consistent and Reliable Customer Service

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Know how consistent and reliable customer service contributes to customer satisfaction. Customers want to rely on good customer service. Needing regular information all the time will lead difficulties. If you are an external customer so you won't use a supplier every time that provides you with poor goods or a careless service. Always good and smart business makes sure that the same member of staff deals with an individual customer from start to finish. This might not be possible but all organisations provide special training to their staffs to ensure that each person has the same approach with external customers.

All members should always know that what they can and cannot do as a part of their job and the type of issues they must refer it to supervisor if possible. Supervisors should not stop them using their proposal to resolve a straightforward problem and also the staff should not over step the limits by making arrangements or promises that are outside their authority. Knowledge of product/services:  This is not always possible to provide customers with accurate information or advice and the best option that suits their needs without through knowledge of the product or service. In fact this is not possible as well to memorise all the knowledge about the products or services, so the best way is to know where to find information is by looking in catalogues, brochure, or online database.

This is easy to know the range of goods or services if you are selling cheap and fresh items i.e. chocolates or sweets but any one who sells expensive products or complex services should be able to give advice on the best buys and most reliable suppliers. This all information is based on their own knowledge and feedback from other customers. Staff attitude and behaviour: This is important for all staffs having a positive attitude and behaving politely and professionally to customers.

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Being aware of your timing means that not keeping people waiting unduly, arranging appointments, phone calls and delivers at your customers convince, not your and never failing to call people back exactly as promised. All staff comes on work 5 minutes before to make sure they are not late. Accessibility/availability: This is the most annoying thing for a customer when they want something and the company don't have it for some reasons. This can be relating to a product they have seen it on advertisement and are sold out. In this situation your job is to feel sorry for the customer's disappointment and try to help them if you can, i.e. put their name in waiting list and pass on the information to your supervisor. This is important because, if you have received 20 enquires for the same thing in a day, and disappointed 20 people; the stock level and range of goods and services offered should be reviewed.

Meeting specific customer needs:  The skill of meeting customer needs involves identifying these by talking to the customers and then matching them to the range of goods and services that you can offer. Working under pressure:  Anyone can be delightful to customers on a normal day. But on busy times i.e. Christmas Day, Boxing Day etc, the situation is different then. Anyone who has worked in a retail store at Christmas knows that situations. It is also more difficult if lots of things are happening at the same time and you are trying to do three things at once. The first rule is to stay calm and not to panic. The second is to realise that you can only do one thing at once. The third is to deal with the most urgent/important thing first. The fourth is to work as fast as you can but stay pleasant at the same time as well.

Confirming service meets needs and expectations: Good healthy businesses do not forget their customers once they have made purchase or used their service. Instead they check that they are satisfied. A useful way to do this is to make customer happy calls. The quick follow up phone call checks that all of the customers' needs and expectation were met and customer is happy from product and service. Some phone companies do when customers make purchase from them.

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