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Is the News a Reliable Source

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Reliability of News Introduction Today the world has progressed rapidly. It is all thanks to the media that created the awareness among the individuals and the societies. Media highlights the aspects, which were not existent before. The world has become smaller and smaller and its advancements have been all thanks to the constant alarming of mass media. Despite the fact that news makes the international scenarios and us aware of the local it sometime, become a red devil itself. Discussion

News is the source of gathering all the information needed to keep the people up to date with the latest trends and happenings. People now days get access to the news whenever they want. The main sources of tuning to the news include television, radio, newspapers, magazines and more of late the World Wide Web. Even the cellular services are not far behind as they keep people informed while one is away from the above mediums. Therefore, it is not necessary whether you are connected to these mediums or not, you can probably use your cell phone to get the latest updates.

News and the media treat all people alike, as it has no personal contacts between the senders and receivers. Most of the times the news media can turn out to be the devil rather than an angel. It is better to say that media manipulates its role in such a way that people might be unable to understand their POV (Paul & Dennis, pp 2-4). Prime example being the terror attacks of 11 September 2001. Many news channels and other media officials highlighted in their own perspective and ways.

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According to them 9/11, relate with the understanding of current events (Tom, pp 6-7). Others do not even come close to the topic as they think it is useless to talk about what they do not know. The news media creates the doubt of the individuals specially those who suffered the wrath of 9/11 and other similar terrorist activities. Conclusion The days of living like unaware person are no way possible in the modern era. The mainstream media has totally affected the life of individuals by all leaps and bounds.

Today no person can think of surviving while the news media is running the show. In the days when internet was not very popular, newspapers were considered as the ultimate source of information. The news is helpful in gaining access to the new and contemporary information regarding lifestyle, sports, entertainment etc. At the same time, they play a negative role towards the psyche of an individual. The news media must play the role both informative and responsible, as there are many who cannot bear the sight of bad news in form of terrorism or other similar news.

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