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Community Service Is Unpaid Work Performed by a Person

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For my Community Service, my employer was William Colton. Colton elected to the New York State Assembly in November 1996, and he represented as the 47th Assembly District. He comprises the neighborhoods of Bensonhurst, Gravesend, Bath Beach, Dyker Heights, and Midwood.

Colton had also been active in many community issues, including developing transit, as an originator of the Bensonhurst Straphangers Committee; striving for more monies for schools in Districts 20 and 21; working as the attorney in the successful lawsuit to stop the re-opening of the Southwest Brooklyn Incinerator; striving for various community improvements, such as traffic lights, sewers, insects and rodent extermination; and assisting in the organizing of community projects, such as Project Option to serve for cleaning up of commercial shopping areas, among others. For my responsibility in the community, I get to assist in organizing paperwork and files alphabetically.

I also help with doing the envelopes of important letters based on important events and meetings. All the responsibilities that I did were to develop the community service of William Colton and to bring good support and appreciation to their community in the future.

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This Community Service of working with “William Colton Community Office” affected me on being more independent, useful, and helpful to the community. Since I volunteered on working in the community, I began to have good experiences with other people and events.

Throughout the service, I also did a volunteering event on Election Day, November 6, 2018, where the other volunteers and I received flyers of voting the Assemblyman: William Colton and take them to different apartment buildings in the neighborhood, Brooklyn. Working in this community had affected me on teaching great responsibilities and aids. My role of working in “William Colton Community Office” was a positive experience because I get to be more useful in many of the activities given from the community and helping to improve the community at a better configuration in the future. I would recommend this place that I had volunteered to the other students for the future because it would help to demonstrate other volunteers a lot of experiences of responsibility and independence. Volunteering in the community would also help the other students to sense more support and alliances.

I feel that I could make a difference throughout the work that I chose, because I get to assist the community by going through many special events, such as cleaning garbage throughout the neighborhood of Brooklyn. I would have also tried on joining more on being with the group of people with posters, banners, and flyers to help on supporting William Colton. I would have also participated in William Colton’s plans, based on improving public schools. I believe what I would like to improve the place I work is more active events and attractions. My community service provides a lot of paperwork’s and filing, and primarily to help organize the messes.

The community service should provide more active attractions such as improving our environment, neighborhood, education, etc. Attractions lead to advantages on performing the citizens to be more active and helpful. It would also help to make the United States better and great.

I believe the community service of William Colton should be required of all students because it helps to show the good experiences of supporting and aids. Most students would learn great skills and responsibilities of working in this community service. The community service will give many students how to experience unique events, that based on goals, tasks, and leadership. The community service will help to affect the students on being unselfishness and would use honor and pride to help the community. The use of 25 hours is too long because I get to experience the community service every two days of the week, of 2 hours each day. I have experienced a lot of things in the community, and it took approximately a month to get a total of 25 hours to complete the community service. The responsibility of accomplishing 25 hours is much harder to do, and it would take a lot of effort to complete the total of 25 hours.

My result of this project is that it is a unique experience and accomplishment. This project is a new thing for many students to experience than most other schools does. This project taught many students how to participate in community services, using skills, knowledge, responsibilities, goals, independence, and support. The act of joining in community services help to teach me on being more capable of participating in new things or events in the future. In the future, I would be able to take part to do more great things in the government, and any places within the United States.

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