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Forced Community Service Persuassive Essay

Benchmark Essay Courtney Ceurvels Purple 6/12/12 Students shouldn’t be required to perform seventy five hours of community service.This is because the work wouldn’t be done well if the students were forced.Also time would be taken away from clubs, sports, social life and school work.

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Then again it will make the town look better. If students were forced to do volunteer work to complete schooling then it would most likely not be done well.

Being forced the students won’t get the same lesson and/or experience from it. Never mind the work wouldn’t be done as well because they don’t want to do it. Then if they don’t want to do it, the work won’t be done to the best of their ability. Also forcing 75 hours of volunteer work would take time away from school work, sports, clubs and social life. Most kids have sports practice or club meeting after school hours & then have t complete school work after that.

With a schedule already that packed then adding more responsibility to a student’s life could effect their sleeping habits and cause stress. Volunteer work could also lower grades and the sport skills of students if they miss practice or studying time over community service work. Some people might say that it would make the town a better place to make the students more involved. Also some might complain that it would keep kids out of trouble, when really all you’re doing if giving them another way to get in trouble.

Since kids are forced to do the work and some are already extremely busy then they won’t complete their hours and then that would effect them receiving a diploma. This is why students shouldn’t be required to perform 75 hours of community service for schooling. The students are already too busy with their school work, clubs, sports and social life. They would have a bad work ethic since they were being forced, also it wouldn’t have the same meaning/lesson. The only pro is that it would help the town but in this situation, the cons greatly outweigh the pros.

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