Service Learning And Integration Within Community Education Essay

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The impression " community '' is interpreted as the extent at which pupil instructors would travel in lending their services to the community. Service acquisition is an integrating of academic survey with community. It means pupils can use what they have learned during service larning to their academic life. Group Endeavours in Service Learning ( GESL ) was made compulsory to all freshers in an attempt to advance service larning in National Institute of Education ( NIE ) . Student instructors are indiscriminately grouped together to organize a squad and are led by an assigned coach. They so meet up on a regular basis to be after an event for a non-profit organisation of their pick. Point to observe that Service learning/GESL defers from community service. Community service involves voluntary work for the community. GESL on the other manus, is a mandatory group attempt to supply service through acquisition, reflecting and learning the community. Therefore, GESL can be really good for pupil instructors as they are able to lend back to the community.

Unfortunately, I find that clip is a factor when be aftering an event. It farther adds on to the work load a pupil instructor already has. Therefore, does making a good cause seems like a load to student instructors now? If NIE makes GESL non-compulsory, would student instructors still take up this service larning on their ain or as a group? Student instructors have to take a stance for themselves as to whether GESL is good or merely a waste of clip. As supported by ( Butin, 2005 ) , a pupil can non stay impersonal when prosecuting in service acquisition as that would place oneself in a immune individuality. In this state of affairs, we tend to oppugn the effectivity of service acquisition in impacting a pupil 's academic life. Since GESL completion is necessarily required within a twelvemonth, a pupil instructors ' part may look nonvoluntary. Furthermore, GESL has no recognition unit awarded after its completion.

In this paper, I sought to find whether the chief aim of service acquisition is lost through the procedure. In add-on, I will besides happen out factors that hinder a pupil 's engagement in GESL. Hence, if there is no accent on GESL, would student instructors volunteer for service larning throughout their academic life in NIE? This inquiry will be examined farther in this paper.

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Methods and Methodology

A questionnaire was designed to happen out the impact of service acquisition ( GESL ) on first twelvemonth undergraduates at National Institute of Education ( NIE ) . The mark sample comprises 10 Bachelor of Humanistic disciplines pupils majoring in different academic topics. GESL was introduced to all freshers in NIE and hence first twelvemonth pupils were chosen for this study. The study was conducted through a face-to-face meet up session and participants were required to finish a questionnaire signifier on the topographic point. Students were surveyed on their willingness, understanding and outlook of GESL. Five inquiries were included in the questionnaire.

The first inquiry asked pupils whether they knew the difference between service acquisition and community service. A "yes '' and "no '' options were given to them. The responses from this inquiry will reflect pupils ' apprehension of these two services. A misunderstanding could be a conducive factor to GESL being involuntarily completed.

In the 2nd inquiry, pupils were required to take one out of four options given. The inquiry asked them on what they expect to derive from GESL. The four options were " Experience/Satisfaction '' , "Academic Credits '' , " Certificate '' and "Good repute ( Example, for sketch ) '' . Additionally, a 5th open-ended option was made available for them to stipulate any relevant reply. This inquiry was intended to happen out the intent or benefit that a pupil expects from GESL. Collated consequences for this inquiry were compared with the chief aim of service larning to reflect a consistence throughout the procedure.

The 3rd inquiry asked pupils whether they would desire GESL to be made non-compulsory. A " yes '' and " no '' options were given to them. This inquiry was chosen to back up the forth inquiry that asked pupil instructors on how long they are willing to perpetrate to GESL. The forth inquiry had four options and they were "one twenty-four hours '' , " one hebdomad '' , " one month '' and " one twelvemonth '' . Students ' acuteness in lending their services will be determined by both inquiry three and four.

Last, the fifth and the 6th inquiry were open-ended inquiries. Student instructors were asked "what they enjoyed most about GESL '' and " what they enjoyed least about GESL '' in inquiry 5 and 6 severally. Both inquiries aimed at happening out what pupil instructors gained from GESL and what are the possible factors that hinders them during the procedure.

Findingss and Discussion

The per centum of pupils ' responses to oppugn 1 is shown that 70 % answered " yes '' and 30 % answered " no '' to this inquiry. The high per centum of " yes '' is perchance due to the changeless briefings and negotiations on GESL by NIE, which has enabled pupils to better understand the differences between these two services. However, the little per centum of 30 % indicates that there are pupils who still misinterpreted service larning to be similar to community service.

Even though there are a high per centum of pupils who knew the differences, so to what widen do they cognize about GESL? The fact that GESL has to be completed within a twelvemonth, pupils might desire to merely acquire it over and done with. This is supported by ( Clark & A ; Young, 2005 ) who states that service larning without deep reliable battle would merely be a normal field trip for pupils.

( Clark & A ; Young, 2005 ) besides highlighted the limited position or apprehension of service acquisition:

" When viewed as merely assisting those " less fortunate, '' pupils may neglect to see the function that their ain privilege dramas in the kineticss of power '' ( p. 72 )

The manner pupils view service-learning will as such determine what they do with it and how they do it. Students with equal cognition on service acquisition would be able to hold a deeper apprehension and grasp for GESL as compared to pupils with minimum position of it. Therefore a pupil 's intent and aim were non wholly lost during the procedure but it was non even established at the start.

The responses from pupils on what they expect to derive from GESL. A high per centum chose " experience/satisfaction '' , followed by " academic credits '' and " good repute '' . Indeed experience and satisfactions are one of the expected results of GESL. This is supported by ( Group Endeavours in Service Learning, 2005 ) which quotation mark:

" GESL is an experiential acquisition experience for trainees to get and develop accomplishments in undertaking direction, self- and team-development, and community service. ''

30 % of pupil expects to derive academic credits from GESL. Unfortunately, GESL is mandatory and has no recognition units awarded after its completion which make pupils experience burdened. With mention to inquiry 6, the same 30 % of pupils who expect to derive academic credits from GESL provinces that what they enjoyed least about GESL is it being very clip devouring. Hence, we can see that this 30 % wants their clip to be rewarded alternatively of interchanging it for valuable experiences.

Surprisingly, the same 30 % of pupils ' responses to oppugn 5 was non consistent with inquiry 2. They expected to derive academic credits but alternatively what they enjoyed most about GESL was the " ability to run into new friends '' and " meaningful experiences '' . Therefore, this shows that to appreciate service larning better, one has to travel through the fuss of planning and forming foremost. They would so be able to harvest the priceless wagess from this undertaking. Ultimately, the pupils did interchange their clip with meaningful experiences.

Next, the pupils were asked on whether they want GESL to be made non-compulsory. As seen in table 3, 60 % of the pupil answered " yes '' and staying 40 % answered " no '' . The difference between the per centums is instead little, which mean there are pupils who still want GESL to be made compulsory. Why do pupils desire GESL to be made compulsory? The ground could perchance be them seeking to avoid the incommodiousness of registering for GESL on their ain. They do non mind assisting out but it is non something they are passionate about. This is supported by ( Jones, Gilbride-Brown, & A ; Gasiorski, 2005 ) :

" Like volunteering for a specific organisation when ( pupils in his leading and service bookmans plan ) in general merely like assisting out and volunteering, non because they want to endeavor to rectify a societal job, merely because they like assisting out. '' ( p. 15 )

However, the high per centum showed that GESL should be non-compulsory, but would student instructors still contribute their service to the community? GESL has a undertaking life of one academic twelvemonth. With mention to postpone 4, merely 20 % are willing to perpetrate to serve larning for one twelvemonth. A figure of 20 % is exceptionally low. On the contrary, 40 % of the pupils are more willing to make service larning for one twenty-four hours, which defeats the intent of GESL.

Furthermore, the aims of GESL can non be accomplished in one twenty-four hours or one hebdomad. Due to the deficiency of pupils ' engagement for the past few old ages, NIE had to do GESL compulsory for all freshers. As for the twelvemonth 2011, doing GESL compulsory will merely ensue in nonvoluntary part but higher engagement rate compared to old old ages. Therefore, doing GESL non-compulsory will merely take to similar tendency that happened in the yesteryear ; lower engagement rate. Students would instead prioritise on their academic faculty alternatively of GESL.


To reason, I looked into possible factors that are impeding pupil instructors during GESL and how this minimizes the impact of service larning on them. Through the study consequences, I was assured that clip was decidedly the chief factor refering pupils. From experience, it was hard to hold on a common timeslot for a meeting as everyone had different academic timetables. Hence, alternatively of sing GESL as a good undertaking, pupils find GESL to be really clip consuming.

A pupil who engage in GESL with a mentality that planning and organizing is merely a waste of clip ; GESL will so be that manner. Therefore, it is of import to re-iterate the importance of holding a constructive position of GESL before being involved. Another lending factor was the rejection pupils received from the non-profit organisations themselves. What is surprising here is that pupils want to supply their services but these organisations were non acute in accepting their proposals due to certain restraints. On a whole, with all these factors impeding them, would pupils still volunteer for service larning throughout their academic life? From my position, they will take part in service acquisition, provided NIE do alterations to GESL so that pupils view it more positively. As suggested by ( Clark & A ; Young, 2005 ) :

" Devoid of any brooding activities that require pupils to link their experiences in service sites to their schoolroom work, service-learning becomes, at best, volunteerism and at worst, simply the logging of hours toward a community service graduation requirement. '' ( pg. 72 )

Normally, after the completion of GESL, pupils had to finish a simple self-reflection signifier. NIE should supply a deeper reflective activity whereby pupils can use their experiences to their academic work. This is supported by ( Torres, n.d ) that province, " Without contemplation, pupils merely describe on experiences alternatively of analyzing what they do impact themselves and those they serve. '' ( p. 3 )

In this manner, GESL will non be perceived as merely a waste of clip but a undertaking that is relevant and impactful to their academic life. GESL could so be promoted as a instruction method that bonds both theoretical cognition and educational experiences together.

Since some factors are inevitable, it is still of import to guarantee that pupil instructors' service larning journey is a smooth and meaningful 1. As future instructors, it would be much easier for them to promote their pupils to follow suit when they themselves understood and experienced how informative service acquisition can be. Furthermore, service acquisition can be promoted as a pedagogical tool when they venture out to learn in the hereafter.

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