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CHIC-BOY Vision To become the premiere franchisee of Chic-boy by the year 2020. Mission To be the best Chic-boy franchisee in the Philippines by providing the most appetizing Filipino food at very competitive prices. Will consistently maintain the highest standards in food preparation and service. Not only profit-oriented but is service-oriented as well. Surplus food that are not served will be donated to our less fortunate brothers and sisters at the end of the day.

Goals and Objectives 1st Objective: conduct a soft-opening of the franchise by December 2011 and to be fully operational by the start of year 2012 Our specific objectives are the following: To conduct daily inspections on the floor and restaurant equipment Strictly implement the specifications set by Chic-boy and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). To hire prospective employees with the ample amount of experience every 6 months. To review employee skills and knowledge of Chic-boy operating procedures every 2 months.

To strictly comply with the requirements set by Chic-boy through punctual payment of royalty fees and other related payables. To achieve an ROI in a p of two years. To establish a minimum of 5 branches by 2020. Chicken at Baboy Brief history of the business A group of BM studens from DLSU-M saw a great potential in franchising and they were encouraged by their professor to pursue the venture. A few of them started to notice Chic-boy in a commercial center in Alabang. It was a relatively new establishment, yet a lot of customers were entering it.

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This made the group curious and after some research, they have finally decided to get a franchise of Chic-boy. They thought that it was a good opportunity for them, because they can put the franchise in more desirable locations in Metro Manila. Definition of the Market Fast Food Restaurant (aka Quick Service Restaurant) - limited menu establishment which lends itself to production line techniques of producing food that is served packaged for immediate consumption, on or off the restaurant premises. (Franchise Direct. com, n. d. , para. 3).

Fast Food Industry - can be assessed as overly saturated because of the countless establishments competing for dominance Established brands make it hard for prospective entrepreneurs to enter the industry with a new product or service Chic-boy provides a new concept which may tap the unexplored portion of the fast food industry as it still holds some potential growth and success for newcomers. Its concept integrates the best qualities of the leading fast food chains today The franchise will target the B, C, and D market of the Philippine population.

Students and employees with a strict budget for food but still crave for rich-tasting Filipino food that will fill their bellies to the rim will find what they are looking for in Chic-boy. A budget of around PhP 50 to PhP 100 will surely satisfy one's hunger Currently, Chic-boy has no significant share in the fast food market but it is slowly gaining foothold with 4 take-out stores and 10 dine-in stores, 9 of which are franchises. 10 more are under construction all over Metro Manila, and 4 of these will be serving 24/7.

Description of Products ; Services Product: Chic-boy Started on 2008 and became franchisable November the year after, Chic-boy is relatively new in the market. Registered under the Philippine Franchise Association (PFA) which certifies that it is legal and all its documents are complete. Chic-boy's concept is integrating into one fast food restaurant the best qualities of the leading fast food chains today such as the best-selling chicken inasal, lechon manok and liempo together with the ever popular unlimited rice. It highlights the most popular Filipino dishes that is best suitable for a fast food setting.

Cebu Lechon Manok Cebu Lechon Liempo Chibog Busog Meals Chiquito Meals Magandang Umaga Meals Sizzling Specials Soup Merienda Side Orders Extras Desserts Drinks Chic-Boy Menu Organization and Management Company Structure Organizational chart of Partnership and the Chic-boy franchise •Partnership consists of 5 partners •Two general partners – oversees the overall operations of the franchise •Three limited partners – are consulted by general partners from time to time •Partners receive equal share of earnings •As an incentive, general partners receive salaries for their time, effort and resource spent in the operations Company Structure •Business Permit •Mayor’s permit •BIR permit •SEC registration Form (for partnership) •Insurance •Barangay Permit •DOLE permit •DOH-BFAD Accreditation Special Licenses and Permits Brief Bio of Key Managers Shekinah Bonite •A current student of De La Salle University-Manila under the Business Management program •Born September 21, 1991 •Eldest among four siblings Noel Aguilar •A current student of De La Salle University-Manila under the Business Management program •Born November 14, 1989 •Youngest among four siblings Marketing and Sales B,C,D market Young and old Filipino food one to 3 years of operations -> exponential Growth after the third year -> Gradual increase this is due to the ecline in demand of the customers Growth and Projection Channels of Distribution Main supplier: Franchisor Provides all raw materials Start up cost: 3,500,000 to 5,000,000 Inclusive of the ff: trade name and propriety marks chic boy business model site assessment, design and construction assistance management manual training programs Procurement program IT support Marketing and Pre and Grand and Post opening assistance Term of the franchise: 7 years Franchise fee: 500,000 Renewal of the contract: 50% of the prevailing franchise fee Royalty fee: 5% of gross sales Marketing and advertising fee: 2% of the gross sales ROI: 2 to 2. 5 years Aguilar. Araneta. Bonite. Piad. Vergara THANK YOU! New business model developed by Pier One Bar and Grill Holdings Corp. Combination of the Lechon Manok and Liempo from Cebu and the Chicken Inasal from Bacolod. Opened its first branch in Marikina on September 2008. Currently has: Four branches of Chic-Boy take-out stores. company-owned, 1 franchised. Ten dine-in branches. 1 company-owned, 9 franchised. Business Description and Vision About Chic-Boy™ Marketing and Sales Price Prices are very affordable. Because the target market is the B, C and D the prices that are set will fit in their budget. The class A market can also afford it if they wish to try it out. Prices range from P49 to P99 for individual meals. P100 to P200 for Lechon Manok and Liempo. Product Offers a variety of Filipino cuisine, with a different kind of flare. Can quickly be served. Menu is diverse, customers can choose from a wide range of dishes. Quality and value for the customer’s money.

Place Most of the franchises are located in other places of NCR, such as Las Pinas and Mandaluyong. There is only one Chic-boy branch in Paranaque as of now. Owners strategically chose Sucat as the location where they will put their establishment because of the foot traffic. Promotion Reliant on word of mouth for advertising since Chic-boy is new to the market. Franchisor may opt to launch print, TV, and radio advertisements soon, none as of now. Soruce:Chic-Boy Chicken at Baboy. (2010). About Chic-Boy. Retrieved February 22, 2010 from http://www. chic-boy. com. ph/about. html Soruce:Chic-Boy Chicken at Baboy. (2010). Chic-Boy Menu. Retrieved February 22, 2010 fromhttp://www. chic-boy. com. ph/about. html Financial Management

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