The Boy on the Left Had No Future. the One on the Righ

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The one on the right Is a talented star pupil I have read a short story called The boy on the left had no future. The one on the right Is a star pupil'. I think It's a great Idea to take half criminal boy from the street and put him In a private school. The Film Company makes Ryan Williams, a very big favor and help to change. Such a change has changed Ryan's life completely. It has made him a much better person, a star student and captain of the rugby team.

I think the elm company has made this program with good sense and really believe that they would like rectify these children's lives. Although I think their first thought with this TV show was to earn a lot of money. But after the first few shows, I think they found out how happy these kids were and how grateful they were. It can almost be compared to television program Extreme Makeover Home Edition, where they help families in need, and rebuilding their houses. I can almost imagine how excited these children were when they were asked If they would participate.

I can't Imagine that they ever had the thought not to participate, because It's a unique opportunity to get a good education. And when you're poor and you do not have very many money, then you have to grab the chance. This Is also a way to develop a lot of talented kids, and a way to develop children you wouldn't have thought would be somebody. And if we now take Ryan as an example, "He has shown what a talented person he is" said Membrane Hammed, the director of the programmer. And it's true. Now, if TV team had never gotten hold of him, so he never got so far.

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