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The boy In the striped pajamas. The movie Is about the life o Bruno a little German boy. N of one of the most Important Nazis in the second world war and how he lives next to a concentration, one day he finds the fence and in the other side of it is a boy with a pajamas, Bruno starts getting curious about this boy and he discovers that the name of the boy is Samuel, they start a friendship without even knowing that if someone discover their friendship there would be problems for Samuel. When you are a little kid you do not Judge people and you see the good In everyone, Bruno did not know that he must not talk to he people In the other side of the fence , he didn't have that Ideas that grown people had.

The movie shows the innocence of a child and the mistakes grown people do. Q: How do you relate to a character/event /idea/setting in this text? Give your personal opinion of this character and reflect on why you think this: I children are the most honest people because they don't have ideas that adult people have, that is what I like about Bruno his innocence and how he just wanted to help Samuel despite his position, Bruno Is a loyal friend and makes everything to be with Samuel n example of It is in one of the last scenes when he grabs the hand of his friend before getting into the gas chamber.

He died with his friend and he didn't know he wasn't supposed to be there, that his father was one of the reasons that the fences where there. People lost everything in this places, but children where the more affected because the lost their innocence and I hope I never related to this kind of stories. Q: Explain in detail what how and why this text teaches you something about yourself/collect/human nature/our world (historical or present day). What do you think is the writer's 'director's purpose?

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Humans are cruel and they don't see what they do, but they are not born like this society teach them that, that is what the movie teach me about humanity, society tells what is right and what is wrong but when you are a kid you don't have this ideas and you just live without worries, Bruno show us this, even though his father was one of the mans elders he didn't understand. Adults can Influence In kids we can see this in Brunt's sister, she stop laying with dolls and being a girl and started putting posters of heeler and having pro Nazis ideas thanks to the things she saw and she lived. Word Count: Apron 300) Q. Why do you recommend this text? (Add more detail to your answers to Sq 1-3/ink to your experience and knowledge of the wider world in an insightful way by looking texts you have read and/or viewed) This movie reminds of the book the diary of Anne frank one of the most famous books in history, The diary of Anne Frank tells the story f a girl living in a hidden place with their family and more people, they lived like this for 2 years trying to hide from the Nazis in Amsterdam.

Both of this stories talk about the second world war and both of them are narrate by 2 kids in the progress of growing up, both of them are in danger because of the Nazis. Anne is in danger because they are looking for her and her family, Bruno was in danger because he lived with them and they could invade his mind with that kind of ideas. I recommend this movie to all the ones that want to see a friendship movie.

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