Charitable organization

The website is used to let the people know about their shop in more details e. G. Hat do they do, donations, collections and so on. Site search is easy to access Major Headings Are Clear & Descriptive Navigation Labels Are Clear & Concise TV (advertisements) Marketing Finance They used TV for advertisements to convey a message for their customers e. G. What is British Heart Foundation is for etc. Basically, to market a product or service. Can easily identify the topic Trying to show the qualities of the product or service the commercial is trying to sell. To convince the target audience to buy a product or to donate.

Posters To inform about their products they selling to their customers. To persuade customers to come and visit the shop. Sales Discounts Half-price Special offers Face to face Sales They talk to the customers personally about what they do, how to donate clothes and how to contact them and also to get involved to help others. Persuasive words More information Formal used of language Leaflets They used leaflet to reach customers in their homes. Basically, it’s not a phone call that will annoy them when they’re relaxing or chilling.

Direct (whoso it for? ) For people wants to donate clothes phone number(s) email address business address Phone call want to donate clothes or you want them to collect it. Phone call is easier to contact them. You can contact them anywhere you like A phone call gives you more time to communicate Allows you to confirm and check details quickly. Email A way of communicating to someone by sending messages and a way to send important documents. Easy to use The language used in emails is simple Formal/landforms language

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Charitable organization
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