Exploratory Memo: Diverse Background and Interests, Unique Perspective on Economics and International Trade, Charitable Pursuits, and Athletic Excellence

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My background and interests are fairly diverse and require a more in depth explanation and presentation and this is the rational behind my presentation of this exploratory memo.

Hopefully, this memo will clearly address all issues in a manner that will shed light on my background.

My primary academic focus is economics and international trade and I approach these avenues in a manner that is significantly different from the way many other people may approach said disciplines. I am a foreign national who was born in Korea and I believe this gives me a different perspective on international trade and economics as I have a great deal of experience seeing the actual "international" aspect of trade and economics while many people who have limited experience with foreign economies may have a limited understanding in regards to how it works abroad.

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More than just interested in things that involve politics and the economy, I have also invested a great deal of my time in charitable pursuits. I served as vice President of my church and from this position I was able to invest a great deal of time in charitable pursuits. These pursuits included helping out with individuals who were infirmed and in need of assistance. This experience proved very rewarding on levels that were professional, personal and spiritual.

I also place a significant emphasis on my life towards the pursuit of athletic excellence. In particular, I enjoy skiing and snowboarding and have invested a great deal of time developing a proficiency in these sports. A healthy mind only remains healthy when the body that supports it is equally strong so I take the development of an athletic cardiovascular system very seriously.

An inability to properly communicate remains one of the more damaging aspects that could undermine an individual’s ability to achieve maximum potential in the workplace. More than anything, I would prefer to develop the enhancement of my grammar, syntax and communicative language in a manner that would effectively be quite impressive to the reader.

This does not mean that I would like to master the English language for the sole purpose of being able to misrepresent my knowledge on a particular subject by burying and hiding a lack of knowledge within the confines of excellent grammar and syntax. What I wish to do is to make my knowledge of a particular subject matter and my ability to communicate my knowledge, feelings and ideas within the confines of the business community in such a way that it becomes clear I have a solid and serious pragmatic ability to apply my knowledge on the subject.

This is not to say, however, that I have extremely limited experience in business or professional communication. On the contrary, I have a fairly expansive degree of experience with business communication. I do, however, realize my limitations in this area and I will to expand my skills and capabilities in order to eliminate any limitations I may have.

While some may assume (erroneously) that the Snowboarding Club that I served as president of would be exclusively a leisure pursuit, this is about as silly of a statement as stating the multi-million dollar snowboarding industry is nothing more than a leisure pursuit. As President of this club I would perform my duties as professionally as I would have performed the same duties for a more ‘established’ club such as an economics club, etc.  As part of my duties as President, I would routinely communicate with various entities and individuals by way of traditional business writing (I.E. pen and paper) and by way of electronic communication (email, etc)

In terms of why I am taking this course, the primary reason is that the course is required. So, yes, it is a mandatory course designed to facilitate my graduation, but that is not entirely the whole case.

There is much more to it than merely taking a course designed with one sole goal of graduating and receiving a degree. To do this without having developed any real or significant skill would be ludicrous and totally self defeating in terms of the way such an attitude would undermine my entire education.

So, regardless of the administrative reason why I am taking this course, all courses are electives as I have elected to attend the University in order to develop my professional skills. In other words, my attendance in this course is primarily to learn the material and then take the material and develop it into functional skills that can carry into the workplace and in life in general.

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