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Benefits of Recycling in Your Organization

A strategical approach to recycling program is required in order to gain out of recycling program.Whereas recycling program involves investment of finances for equipment, labor and marketing for resale of recycled products, although the raw material for recycling need not be purchased as it is available as waste.[e.

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g. waste water, cars for recycling etc. ,] Potential gains of recycling program One of the biggest gain that can be derived from recycling program is the non-levy of taxes in terms of cost as governments do not consider payment of taxes on recycled products.

The second gain in terms of cost is a long-term investment in equipment/land to generate revenues from recycling program. [e. g. recycling plant for waste water/land for preparing compost to sell as fertilizer etc. ,] Potential losses of recycling program One pre-emptive loss that is unpredictable could be from the competitors of recycled products who may pull a market share through low-price bidding in order to win contracts. The second loss that is predictable is the volatility in market basing on local conditions, which fluctuates the costs, revenues and services of recycled products. Conclusion

The reduce of costs in recycling program is in adopting an efficient system such as to use opportunities which reduces costs, jurisdictions that extend tax benefits and a provision for bargaining power and to use a combination of resources. Also a constant watch over market conditions also result in gain / loss of a recycling program in an organization. References Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (2005) Building Financially sustainable recycling programs Retrieved on 10 February, 2007 from http://www. dep. state. pa. us/dep/deputate/airwaste/wm/RECYCLE/document/Sust_Rpt/part_1. pdf

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