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Rob Dyrdek

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Rob Dyrdek is a guy who has had some tough times but has always had a great outlook on life and a great personality! I look up to this guy and wish to someday be like him! Dyrdek is an inspiring person do to his outlook on charities and how much he truly gives! “Change within a community comes when vision meets hard work and persistence" (Claudine Heizer. ) When he does something he is very determined to get it done, he won't leave business unfinished! Rob Dyrdek is a very charitable man!

He enjoys donating to charities and builds skate parks for kids out there who don't have one in their community! What I love the most is that he will go out and give big black trash bags full of stuff he really just doesn't need that includes: Clothes, Shoes, and other pieces of clothing or accessories that he has laying around! Also he will go up to a random homeless person and offer to take him out for food or give him money and I don't mean the average dollar or two I mean about a hundred dollars, more or less, which is really kind!

What the homeless person does with it is their problem but the point is Rob isn't afraid to "throw his money around" as many people view it as! I see it as him being a very giving person! Dyrdek has a positive, care-free outlook on life which is quite inspiring. Rob has the endurance and potential to accomplish victory no matter what triumphs he has to conquer. Dyrdek can really accomplish great things! When he starts something he'll do it until he is finished! He gives to children; he honestly is a great guy!

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Rob Dyrdek

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Rob Dyrdek would get bags of his old clothes and he would pack it up in those big black trash bags and go up to some homeless guy and just give it to them! Also he wanted to learn how to fly one of those electric helicopters and saw that there was family owned business and bought all of the helicopters so he would learn! He helps families in need even if it is for immature projects like that family owned business! To offer and accept encouragement are significant responsibilities for Rob. He enjoys encouraging others and he is only human he needs people to encourage him!

His personality plays a huge role on his life as well as his outlook! He is a sweet, caring guy who likes to encourage and be encouraged! There are some people out there that actually need that extra "You look great today! " or that "I love your shirt! " It makes them feel as if people actually pay attention or really do care! The things some people do may astonish you for a while! Especially what Dyrdek does and how he looks at things! I hope there are more people out there who see the world like he does or would take a glance at what he sees through his eyes!

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