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Building an Ethical Organization Narrative Essay

In the present, social organizations that cater to the critical needs of the society are very much important.Due to the numerous issues and problems of the government, these critically needs of the people are indeed being neglected or insufficiently addressed leading to some complications on the ideal conditions of the people.Due to the extrinsic responsibilities of the government as the main social controller, attention and important resources towards the welfare of the small social sectors are commonly hindered and are directed towards other issue.

In general, the budget and efforts regarding some social needs are indeed insufficient thus, outsourcing strategies employing human service organization is important.

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In this aspect, human service organization becomes an important aspect in this dilemma. These organizations effectively addressed some of the critical needs of the people such as in terms of healthcare needs, skill development training, educational assistance, cooperative businesses, and others.

Through devoting their resources, efforts, and skills towards the effective satisfaction of the important needs of the people in their community or society, private human service organizations serve as assistance organization towards the achievement of the sufficiently welfare of the people. Considering this aspect, formation of human service organization is indeed important as they serve as an effective medium in the effective development of the society.

The Organization Acting a new director for a human service organization, the author of this paper particularly sees a critical need for the effective development of the educational system in the society. Education indeed serves an important function in the society mainly as the medium of the people towards acquiring valuable knowledge, effective training, an skill development which are necessary in promoting the success of each individual.

Due to this significance, it becomes the objective of this desired human service organization to provide assistance program and strategies towards the educational aspect. As the director of this newly established human service organization, it will be the main priority of this institution to provide educational assistance programs for the youth. A significant element in the system of this educational assistance organization is the establishment of its target population or likely clients.

The primary target of this organization is to provide assistance program mainly towards the impoverished or financial-challenged population. These are the people or community who cannot afford privately owned educational institutions, which are significantly expensive for their capacity. As such, this organization aims to provide a similarly effective educational system through assisting the normative educational curriculum from public institutions.

Through which, this organization can develop the same effective educational training system for the benefits of the majority of the population. Through starting from the primary learning system of the young children of developing an effective institution and environment for preschool and kindergarten learning, this organization’s objective can be effectively started in the community. This will be continued through assisting the student while in the course of social learning curriculum to sustain the continuous training and the high-quality learning objective.

Finally, the college system, which is deemed most critical for effective development will also, be given attention particularly on the financial aspect of this stage. Thus, aiding the financial needs of the student while in this stage will be important for the successful development of the individuals and the community collectively. The implementation of this aspect will have a screening stage for the effective management of the resources and efforts for this objective.

Indeed, this organization aims to aid the population that is financially challenged in achieving effective and high-quality educational training. Mission Statement: Included in the services planned by this human service organization are the developments of primary educational and training institution dedicated for educational needs such as preschool and kindergarten schools for young children, weekend learning program for primary and secondary students, and financial assistance projects for college students.

Regarding the first objective, this social organization will establish children educational facilities namely for preschool and kindergarten in targeted communities. These facilities will include professional childcare personnel who will assist the children in their early social interaction and learning development. For the second objective, educational assistance for primary and secondary students will be created which will be held in established facilities such as community centers and public schools.

This will become an expansive strategy from the normative school curriculum to develop more critical and in-depth learning development for the public school student’s population. Third, among the primary objective is the development of the financial assistance program for needing students through the college curriculum including financial loaning system, scholarship grants, and apprenticeship program for skill development. Through this approaches, this institution can successfully promote both individual and social development through the aspect of the educational system.

Values Statement: Being an educational institution wanting to provide the best possible service to its target clientele, the organization tries its best to reach the standard it has set for itself. The constancy of dealing with this particular need is certainly an essential factor that needs to be faced by the administration of the organization. The values of the clients served by the organization are the main foundation of the entire institution. The different values are then counted as important elements of success in the business.

To be inspired in doing so, the mission of the institution shall be carried all throughout the operation of the educational organization. As a non-profit organization, the institution aims to hone the different aspects of organization all for the benefit of the clientele to be served. References: Robert J. Starr. (1994). Building An Ethical School: A Practical Response To The Moral Crisis In Schools. Routledge Publishing. Kenneth A. Strike. (2006). Ethical Leadership in Schools: Creating Community in an Environment of Accountability (Leadership for Learning Series). Corwin Press.

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