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From the noted process of projecting cash flows, it is then obvious that the systematic approach in tracking the monetary engagements of a particular business organization is very important in scaling the SGR competencies of a particular business. It is suggested though this particular procedure that the constant attendance to the capabilities, the limitations and the assets of a particular business organization should continuously be noted as an important part of the annual assessment and evaluation of the monetary as well as operational procedures adapted by the said business entity.

From this particular point of view, the importance of SGR has been actually established. Its capability of identifying the status of a particular business as with scaling the possibilities by which it could still grow could actually assist the entire business entity in reaching its peak success within the industry that it is primarily involved with. Through the procedures suggested herein, the competitive status of any business organization could certainly be retained in their reputation as growing entities of social progress in the human global community.

From the presentation of the review of the literatures used in this paper, it could be concluded that there are indeed different elemental factors within the business industries that affect the growth of a particular business organization. There exists both internal and external factors that affect the process of advancement especially of those organizations that have just been recently established. Jumping into the bandwagon of business competition is always a risk especially to new entrepreneurs.

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Money investing is one of the primary decisions that the said business r=enthusiasts certainly need to decide upon. The constant attention then given to the competitive status of the organization could be gauged in its monetary competence. Certainly, the SGR calculation model as presented herein could actually be noted as one of the most effective procedures there is in making a balanced report and schedule of activities in spending the business funds as well as expecting revenues in return of the expenses. Joining business entities certainly is a serious decision that an investor must make.

The SGR reports that a company could come up with and thus be able to present to the prospect investors would actually help the investors decide if they are really to invest in the said business or not. True, SGR could determine either the failure or the progress of a particular business entity. How the Privatization of Banks Affect the Cash Flow Programs among Development Countries As noted earlier, the cash flow within organizations or industries within the human society is affected by different elements of input and output of major funds towards the monetary systems present in the society.

This includes the banking systems adapted by the human communities. Among developing nations, it is very important that the banks are able to support the balance that they need to improve the country with. To be able to do this particular responsibility on the part of the Government administration of countries, several national programs pursued privatizing the said institutions so as to allow a better cash flow control between the owners of the banks and the human society as well.

Most likely, the occurrence of such situations has been measured by economists as primary source of major developments among less-economically stabled nations around the world. With regards this particular fact, several diagrams shall be presented as follows so as to support the proof needed to show the importance of privatization of banks among developing countries around the world.

Source: http://rru. worldbank. org/documents/publicpolicyjournal/314Kikeri_Burman. pdf

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