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Evergreen: Management and Unique Business Entity

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Now I talk about the second alternative solution : the scenario here is focus on the Aragua restructure to become a unique business entity with Evergreen. So there are some advantages as challenges . Starting from the advantages we are focused on : Centralized system of control ; Expansion of the Evergreen brand in different zone , in comparison to the previous scenario : Potential great income and more customers ; In the opposite side there should be some challenges: Requires change of mentality for Aragua managers; Data collections for management knowledge; Restructure of organizational Hierarchy

Now we move to the multi-attribute chart that give us a brief summary and overview about the alternatives and criteria to better understand the case analysis and its issues. Step 1: We have list criteria on one axis and the alternative actions on the other axis. Step 2: We assign a weight to each criterion reflecting Its relative Importance on the final decision.

Step 3: After taking a review of the analysis ,we rate each alternative on each criterion, using a scale of one to five, with one representing very poor and five representing very good. Step 4: Multiply weights assigned to each criterion by the given ratings to each alternative on each issue. Infant for us there isn't a unique clear and perfect solution about this case but there have to be some implementations to the strategy.

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Evergreen: Management and Unique Business Entity

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Like: Convert Aragua to a "flat" hierarchy structure from its previous structure; Get key information about Regular' stores and sales to implement Evergreens "Knowledge Management" ; Determine ideal human resources necessities ( like improve the attention on the customers ); Create a professional and working relationship with past-Aragua managers and employees; Continue to expand and improve.

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