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According to the survey, Australians have embraced healthy lifestyles, especially omen who are the main target market concerned about health diet, and also, Australian mothers care about their children' health, and Yacht's goal is bring healthy smiles to faces everywhere. The healthy lifestyles match the goals of Weakly, giving Weakly the strength to develop in Australia. Weakness for Weakly: Weakly is a fermented milk drink, it also is a milk-based, and so it needs to be refrigerated, so, some outlets and groceries stores would be unsuitable.

Although Weakly is five bottles per pack, each bottle is too small, meaning it is not kibbles amongst other refrigerated products such as yogurt, and milk in the store. When people go to buy the refrigerated products, they may not notice Weakly. Weakly is not really popular around Australia, some people even do not know what is Weakly, which result that when people see Weakly in the supermarket, or stores, they will not go to try them, as they are afraid to try unknown products.

Weakly and yogurt are the same products that bring health for people's body, however Australians prefer buy yogurt, because yogurt can be eaten with other food and is heaper than Weakly. Weakly can only be drunk alone, which is not enough variety for people. Opportunities for Weakly: The advertising campaign using the Weakly cartoon character, which is already well established, and this cartoon character used to appeal to children will target children easily. Children can become part of the target market for Weakly.

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Because Weakly is a healthy drink, it can be included as part of the breakfast, afternoon tea in pre-schools, primary schools and high school boarding houses. It also can be on the breakfast menu in hotels or fast food outlets. Weakly Australia produces Weakly light, which can attract women who are concerning about health. Yacht's small snaps AT Doodle Is very easy to carry In ten nag, It noels people won have busy lifestyle to carry one and drink it easily.

Threats to Weakly: There too many of the same kind of health foods and proboscis foods on the market in a form more recognizable to the public, such as yogurt, yogurt ice-cream, which is more popular for people, and also those proportion foods, which are cheaper than Weakly, so Weakly may face tough competition in the market. Advertising Analysis Weakly Australia advertises through various sources, which including: Television, radio, magazines, the internet, Supermarket - Demonstrations, and Point of Sale advertising e. G. Posters, pens, bookmarks.

Also every Yacht's advertising have its slogans: Everybody. Everyday' 'Get the Goodness in You' 'Have you had yours today? ' 'Made Fresh in Australia' Weakly Australia began in Australia in 1994; it has a lot of advertising. Yacht's advertising contains its objective for public. (The print ads and TV ad's description are attached in appendix B, C, and D) Advertising Objectives Weakly uses advertising to raise brand awareness amongst Australian consumers. Being the first fermented milk product on the Australian market, Weakly has not fully been accepted as a differentiated product.

Weakly must use Advertising to inform consumers about Weakly, raising brand awareness about the product and its health benefits for people. Yacht's advertising objective is to differentiate the product from its competitors. Weakly emphasizes ingredients such as Lasciviously cases Shirt strain as being unique to Weakly. The company differentiates the product through claims that the specially cultivated Lasciviously cases Shirt strain is only found in Weakly (see print ad in appendix).

This claim is a strong point of differentiation for Weakly in consumer's eyes. Moreover, Yacht's advertising main objective is to inform consumers that "every Weakly contains friendly bacteria", which balances good health for everybody. Yacht's objective in their advertising is to promote this healthy life for everyone. It is emphasizing that Weakly is a healthy product. Advertising Problem Weakly faces some problems in their advertising. Since Weakly is relatively new to Australian consumers, they don't know the product very well.

Weakly must advertise to promote the product to consumers. Weakly seldom advertises through media channel, such as TV commercial breaks or magazines. This lack of advertising makes the target market unaware of the product. Yacht's print ads carry too many messages for consumers (see appendix), and doesn't attract the target market to read those messages. The ad is limited in its scope, giving information to the audience that Weakly is healthy for everyone. It places too much emphasis on target women as the consumer.

For example, one print ad uses a Tamale Tessellated player as ten central ensure, seemingly targeting women only. Moreover, Yacht's TV ads face problems too. Many of the campaign's ads show doctor's testing the effect of Yacht's good bacteria through experiments. These ads don't attract the target market to watch the ads, and don't give the audience a good impression of the product. Yacht's only emphasis through its advertising is on the "good bacteria". The ads however, don't talk about how it tastes, what benefits it can offer to people, which are important to the target market.

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