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Being one of the HR managers assigned to building a global-based team for the international sales division, the cultures of different members who can possibly be part of the team need to be researched. In a team composed of members with different nationalities, each one’s cultural background needs to be taken into consideration so all their actions, gestures and attitude towards work will be better understood. The differences in cultural background matter when the employees are evaluated for their performance. The approach to coaching and mentoring the members will also be different from each other.

Among the four regions, the two countries I chose to make a brief research on are Brazil from the Latin American region and China from Asia. Coming from separate geographical regions, these two countries have major differences when it comes to their way of living, classes in the society, and even their business culture. CHINA China is one of the largest countries in the world. It has also become the second largest economic entity in the world (“Doing Business in China,” 2004) after 20 years of hard work and continuous efforts of its entire population.

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Chinese people are known to be hardworking and are really good in their own respective fields. If Chinese individuals would be part of the international sales team, their culture should be studied and understood so we can know how to properly deal with Chinese people and allow for a better working relationship with other team members. Some of the things that should be remembered are as follows: • Guanxi, synonymous to relationship, is important to Chinese people especially when working or doing business with them.

It simply means Chinese value friendship at work or business. It is important for them to be friends with their co-workers and peers. • Chinese people value saving more than others. Most of them put almost 40% of their income in savings. But despite this, they can also be generous when it comes to inviting peers and business partners to dinners. When it comes to the role of women in Chinese society, China is not different from most of its neighboring countries. Chinese women are known to have very low status in the society.

In the early days, women only stay in homes to take care of the family and not allowed to join the work force. But as time passes, more and more Chinese women have become well-educated and are now able to get the jobs that they want. Still, they still keep the responsibility of maintaining their homes and taking care of the kids and husband. Chinese women are also commonly the ones taking control of the finances of their family. BRAZIL Brazil is one of the most successful countries in Latin America when it comes to economy.

Brazilians are known to always get things done easily or otherwise. Their key to this ability is “jeito. ” According to “Doing Business in Brazil” (2004), “jeito can help conquer seemingly insurmountable tasks, rally the team, or get you out of messes. […] It can also help your company gets its foot in the door for submitting a proposal for a project when a deadline has already passed. ” This trait is worth knowing when considering Brazilians to be part of the international sales team. They have the ability to think out-of-the-box.

They can be very creative in their own ways which can lead to the success of a business. They are known to think better and are more comfortable when working in groups. Brazil doesn’t have much difference with China when it comes to the roles women play in their society. Brazilians, just like other Latinos, have a high respect to the family. Women are known to only stay at home and be responsible for the well-being of the children and their own husbands. But recently, women are breaking into the work force and contributing to the family, as well, in terms of financial matters.

Brazilian women can now take jobs that are usually only done by men. More of them are also known to pursue advanced degrees to improve their skills and capabilities. References Doing Business in Brazil. (2004). In globalEDGE Online Course Modules. Retrieved July 31, 2006 from http://globaledge. msu. edu/academy/courses. asp Doing Business in China. (2004). In globalEDGE Online Course Modules. Retrieved July 31, 2006 from http://globaledge. msu. edu/academy/courses. asp

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