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Example of Significance of the Study

The study of dehydration technology and craft fabrication can be a learning paradigm in the secondary level and vocational schools to enhance the students’ knowledge and entrepreneurial skills as well. This is but a small contribution with the Dakar Framework for Action (2000) that not …

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Reflection in The Nursing Practice

Going back through previous experiences and tracing back the footsteps we have made allows us to reminisce about the good things that have happened in our lives. Somehow the undesirable memories would also seep in as they are part and parcel of our existence that …

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Swot in nursing

SWOT is an acronym for Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats A SWOT analysis helps to improve personal and professional development -to understand yourself better to decide which areas you need to develop and set goals for. SWOT Analysis and Action plan Learning outcome 1 Illustrate the …

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Importance of Continuing Professional Development

Continuing professional Development is a fundamental part of Teachers educational as only a Continuing Learning and training reassures a high level of knowledge and allows Teachers to keep their professional skills and knowledge up to date, examples of CPD consist of: Work based learning. Informal …

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The Army As A Profession

The Army is a great profession were many individuals come together and make the impossible happen. This institution has to overcome more obstacles then most average career paths will take you. The only way these thing have happened and will continue to happen is through …

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Defining Formalization And Mentioning Its Advantages And Disadvantages For Leaders And Followers

Formalization is the degree to which job duties may be structured in a firm and employees’ activities being governed through laws and procedures. Roles do not depend on particular personal attributes for the individuals who occupy those roles. Formalization standardizes or regulates behavior. Relationship structures …

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My Most Unforgettable Character

He is a tall, thin man with a hunched back. His dark, suntanned face with its countless wrinkles and creases, reminds you of a prune. He has sunken cheeks and you will know why when he gives you a broad smile-only one golden tooth is …

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Pros and Cons of Culture Shock

Name: Do Manh Thang Class: A15 QTKD ID: 1111260035 ASSIGNMENT’S TOPIC Pros and cons of culture shock Culture shock is an inevitably phenomenon which occurs commonly in our daily life. I believe that most of us have experienced culture shock by one way or others …

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Critical Incident – Preconceived Ideas

No names are used in this writing to maintain patient confidentiality and conform to the data protection act 1998Critical incidents originated in the United States, Colonel John C Flannagan was a psychologist who worked closely with the Air Force and their procedures for reporting evidence …

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A ideal college student

College by definition Is an institution of higher learning. Being a college student can be excited because It’s a different step of your life, where you going to face a new world, deal with different kind of people that not have the some objective as …

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Success: Goals

My Road to Success GEN/200 Irene Blundell My Road to Success Even though my road will be mentally and emotionally exhausting, I will need to obtain and maintain self-determination; to reach my goals in life. I never want to lose sight of the goals I …

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Schools as organisations

Task A – Know the structure of education from early years to post compulsory education (1.1/ 1.2/ 1.3) 1. Identify six different categories of school. For each category, prepare brief notes about the way in which they are owned, managed and financed, and the curriculum …

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A Framework for Understanding Poverty by Ruby K. Payne

The book entitled “Framework for Understanding Poverty” is a famous book of a former school teacher Ruby K. Payne. I learnt that Ruby Payne is an expert of poverty. She also talks about her understanding of mentality of middle class and wealth. he book has …

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Types of friends to have

The last thing you want to be described as is someone who’s stuck in their own ways. If everyone had a friend from a different culture, the world would be a much better place. Being in a cross-cultural friendship allows you to explore customs, values, …

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Mentorship through Maslow’s Self-actualisation: Teaching, Learning and Assessment Theories

Introduction The past decades has seen the rise in mentorship programmes targeting individuals and groups. Interest in mentoring programmes has been fuelled in part by the increased recognition that mentorship results into positive relationships between the mentored and the adult mentors, which have been noted …

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Skills and Learning Statement

OXFORD BROOKES UNIVERSITY Skills and Learning Statement for Topic 8: An analysis and evaluation of the business and financial performance of an organization over a three years period Being a Research and Analysis Project submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of: BSc (Hons) in …

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Toxic Leadership

Most often throughout the military negative leadership occurs within organization regardless of ranks and unit structure. The most common negative leadership that is displayed amongst leaders is toxic leadership. Army leaders accept the responsibility to develop and lead others to achieve results. A recent survey …

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Skills and Learning Statement Acca

Skills and Learning Statement Here, I will be discussing my experience, which I have gained while working on the project: ? Things learnt during the meetings with Project Mentor – Mr Raj My meetings with project mentor became a key success factor for my project. …

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Target and Job Satisfaction

Target and Job Satisfaction. Job satisfaction is very important in regards to keeping employees productive and efficient. If a employee is not happy with their working environment, co-workers, or the task on hand, then they are more likely to be less efficient and productive for …

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A radio presenter is a career

Working as a radio presenter is a career that has been of my interest for a long time. Currently I work as an on air personality for KHXT HOT107. 1 an all hip hop station in Memphis Tn. For the time that I have worked …

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Industrial Training

Industrial Training refers to work experience done during the time of study in the university that aim is to provide professional development prior to graduation. It is very important for a student to learn and know the real work environment and to build the required …

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Challenges of teaching and learning in inner city

Every kid deserves the right to an instruction that will help them to accomplish accomplishments and makings used throughout their lives. For many old ages now, this has been a cardinal purpose across Englands Government system, foregrounding the demand for a alteration in the quality …

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The Effects of Mentoring at-Risk Youth

THE EFFECTS OF MENTORING AT-RISK YOUTH Abstract: Mentoring has arguments both for and against its effectiveness in relation to at-risk youth. These programs have been known to help in areas of self-esteem, attitudes toward drugs and alcohol, grades, attendance and disciplinary problems in school. Although, …

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Single-Sex Education

Term Paper April 2, 2010 Single-Sex Education Have you ever been sitting in a classroom and wondered what it would be like to have an entire class with just girls or just boys? What about an entire school? The drive for gender equity in American …

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Mentoring Programs for At-Risk Youth

The word mentor derives its origin from a character in Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey. When Odysseus, King of Ithaca, went to fight in the Trojan War, he entrusted the care of his Kingdom to Mentor. Mentor served as the teacher and overseer of Odysseuss’ …

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Norfolk General Hospital

I enjoy playing soccer and have played Beach FCC for the past seven years. I live In the Foxfire subdivision with my mom, dad, sister, and my brother. Living In Valhalla Beach provides me with many opportunities Including great schools, beaches, and professional level playing …

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Two Ultimate Decisions

In the next few years, I would have finished college and would soon need to earn a living to support myself and maybe the family I intend to have. Given this scenario, I will be deciding between two options: whether I would be maintaining my …

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A Model Student

The purpose of education is to produce ideal persons to face the responsibilities of the future. This aim can be achieved only when the students are sincere and they acquire education in the real sense. Just copying a few questions and passing the examination is …

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Human Resource Management – the Google Way

Executive Summary In this project, we discuss the Human Resource practices at Google Inc. They are known as “people operations” headed by Laszlo Bock. Googlers(Google employees) work hard, and have fun too. The workforce is diversified with international communities, Gayglers (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender), …

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Simon Sinek: Why Leadership is Better ‘Together’

You can’t do it alone. So don’t pretend you can.When starting up, entrepreneurs can sometimes think they are superhuman and try to handle every detail, no matter how large or small, by themselves. The business is their responsibility and liability — alone.Business owners who don’t …

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Mentorship is the influence, guidance, or direction given by a mentor. A mentor is someone who teaches or gives help and advice to a less experienced and often younger person. In an organizational setting, a mentor influences the personal and professional growth of a mentee.


Successful mentoring relationships go through four phases: preparation, negotiating, enabling growth, and closure.

Patron saint

Today, June 11th, is St Barnabas day, the saints day of the best known Christian mentor. There are several mentors in the bible, but the two mentoring relationships that draw the most attention are Barnabas and Paul and later, Barnabas and Timothy.

Books on mentoring

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Mentor characters

  • Professor Albus Dumbledore
  • Yoda
  • Gandalf
  • Haymitch Abernathy
  • Professor X


What does mentorship mean to you essay?
It is a relationship that aims to increase knowledge and experience in a certain field. Mentoring is a good way to build your knowledge and skills.
What is mentorship and why is it important?
Mentors are expected to help mentees learn how to trust their own judgments. Mentors help mentees to make informed decisions that will lead them to their goals. A mentor of high quality builds confidence in mentees.

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