What Is the Relevance of Organisational Behaviour to Practising Managers?

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Organisational behaviour can be defined as study of the interaction among individuals, groups and the organisation. Then this knowledge is focused towards the efficient and effectiveness of the organisation. With that said, organisational behaviour is relevance to practising managers in giving them a greater understanding of the process and interacting of individuals, groups and the organisation on a whole and how each one relates to the other.

Hence, managers need to show forth some of their skills (PLOC; Planning, Leading, Organising; Controlling) required in order to understand how the various individual within the organisation interact with each other, how they perform with the task given and how efficient and effective they are, as it relates to completing the given task. Next, we look at the group interaction. In this case, the manager is able to match the individual’s abilities according to their strengths and weaknesses, to gain the best result for the project the group would be undertaking.

Thus by understanding the individual, it leads to better working groups and a reduction in conflicts that would arise. An example of, placing individuals with conflict into different groups or ensuring that they understand that, they personally feelings for each other shoe not effort they work or they attitude towards the project. Last we look at the organisation. Managers would find that when they is smooth running or co-ordination, between individual’s and their work and the interaction of individual with their work it is the basis for a smooth running organisation.

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However, everything would not be perfect since there are always upside and downside to everything. So in conclusion, organisational behaviour is relevant to managers within an organisation. Since when all the aspects of the organisation are function properly, it can be attributed to the various attitudes (behaviours) of the individuals that form the workforce (heartbeat) of the organisation. In the end, a greater understanding, and respect for the individual is need (eg: motivation, respect for religious believes, etc) in order for the organisation to operate at it highest potential.

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