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Autumn and Spring

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Autumn and spring are my favorite seasons. Spring is the season between winter and summer. Autumn, or fall, is the season between summer and winter. Both seasons are beautiful. Although there is beauty in the seasons of fall and spring, there are also some distinctions between them, such as weather, color, and activities one can do during that time. In spring, temperatures rise as the days get longer. In later years, I have come to like spring weather after suffering the cold of winter. More rain tends to fall during this season. Spring is flowery.

Leaves on the trees start budding out and begin greening; flowers and grass start growing due to the temperatures getting warmer. Colored flowers with nice smells announces the spring to everybody; we also smell the first cut of grass on a warm spring day. People do gardening in spring time too. Spring is more of a beginning to the trees; while, fall marks the end of their run. Everybody loves to feel free with thin pants and short sleeves in spring. Kids, especially, love to go out and play. They ride their bikes, and if it is a windy day, it is fun to fly kites.

Spring is the time for baseball. Spring is a busy time for animals; they sleep all winter and become active again during this time. Many animals will have their young in the spring; when food is plentiful. Furthermore, their young will have time to grow before experiencing a cold winter themselves. Spring is a busy time for people, too. Farmers take care of the newborn animals; and they plant seeds in the fields. People go swimming and sailing for their pleasure. Who can forget the way lemonade tastes on the first day of spring? The fall season is cool with nippy weather.

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Nothing compares to the color of autumn leaves at the peak of their splendor. Leaves of some trees will turn colors, such as red, yellow, gold, orange, and brown as they all fall to the ground. I love to see the fall colors every autumn. Leaves crunch and crackle under my feet and whirl all around me. The sun goes down so early. Everyone likes the magic of the fall color. Some plants bear fruit. For example, there are apple trees in bloom. Ripe apples falls for eating, baking, and caramel apple making. The next interesting thing is the pumpkin. People choose a great big pumpkin, carve a face, make a ack-o-lantern, and roast the seeds. Halloween and Thanksgiving are the main holidays in fall. Football is a favorite game in fall. People do hiking and bicycling activities in the fall season. One day trees are all bare, leaves have fallen everywhere and there is an icy chill in the air. Very soon winter will be here. Animals will store and eat food to prepare for hibernation or dormancy. Earthworms tunnel down where the earth does not freeze; squirrels and chipmunks store seeds. We can hear the honking of geese when migrating. We can also can smell burning leaves and smoking woods.

Even though there are many differences between these two seasons, there are a couple of similarities, too. First, the length of day and night are the same. Second, both seasons are transitional seasons. Spring precedes summer and fall precedes winter. On the first day of spring and fall (March 20 and September 22) the sun shines exactly over the equator and at that time the day and night time are the same at almost all the places in the world. In both seasons people like to travel. Both seasons are great in many ways. However, I admire the magic of fall colors.

Autumn and Spring essay

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