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Answers for Case Discussion Questions in Indonesia

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Answers for Case Discussion Questions in Indonesia

1.      Corruption in leadership is the main political factor why does Indonesia have a poor economic performance. With the 30 years in power of their former strong man President Suharto, Indonesian people are now suffering the aftermath he and his military had done. The dictatorship mired with corrupt practices like crony capitalism made the mass people’s life worse in exchange to the benefit of just a number of supporters and relatives. This made a lasting impact to the economy since the people had not been given by the government with the right public infrastructures that they deserve to alleviate their employment rate. If only the officials had controlled themselves, these economic factors for slow economic growth would not have been present.

2.      Foreign investors started to get in with the change in governance policies but they later noticed that it was hard to maintain business in a country with excessive red tape and extortion activities. To reverse this trend the people should start to change ones self. The government officials should initiate this move by giving the people an easy way to set up their own business. Then they help each other to tap the local resources to generate income before asking for foreign investments. In that way, they would now know how to value ones innate richness without being tempted to waste others’ money for their own good.

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3.       Even though Indonesia had turned to become a democratic state since 2004, the 30 years dictatorship had carved into the culture of Indonesians the bad habit of corruption. It seems like anything someone would do, corruption would get in. It was embellished in their system.

4.      Foreign investors might face false charges concerning their business unless they offer bribes. Investors should understand first that bribing would just give a means for corruption. It is only the teaching and instilling it into their culture the value for honesty that one can do first.

Answers for Case Discussion Questions in Uganda

1.      Lack of interest of the rural people to demand services, aside from Corruption, are the political factor why does Uganda have a slow economic growth. People don’t get involve with asking what they deserve which in turn the government had abused. This then branched out to the economic factors of low literacy rate, inadequate medical attention, and lack of good roads.

2.      Foreign aids do comes to Uganda but it is being spent unwisely since the government, who would first receive it, would distribute it first for themselves and then what would be left out will be used to buy substandard materials to build public infrastructures the people would be indebted to. Even the current president who chairs the fight against corruption exhibits a small chance that he would punish his men unless donors demand. To reverse the trend, greater foreign involvement would be needed so that the people as well as the government of Uganda would discipline themselves to keep their foreign aids coming.

3.      Corruption in Uganda turned out to be so endemic since most of the people just tolerate what their officials do. This set up still prevails even on a change of government officials because those who would replace them would also be use the chance to take advantage to those who don’t hold office.

4.      Foreign firms might face the same fate of foreign donors, which is to lose their hard earned money because of corruption in the country they had invested in like Uganda. To lessen this scenario, foreign groups interested to do business in Uganda should help its local people educate themselves on how to be aware of their rights as well as how to be a righteous citizen.


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